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Key Takeaways from Analyzing 500+ PLG Companies
November 24, 2021
We hosted Blastoff! a product-led growth conference in our ProductLed.Marketing community and it was a huge success. In the conference, Adam Schoenfeld, a 3-times SaaS startup founder and a thought leader in the PLG space presented his findings from analyzing 500+ PLG companies. 
How to Use PLG to Stop Diluting Your Product Vision
November 24, 2021
Your product vision need not suffer because of choosing enterprise sales. Be strategic about enterprise sales readiness and at the same time be wary of building an undesirable feature factory. spins out of Pienza, raises $1.3M
November 10, 2021
I’m happy to announce that has formally spun out Pienza and raised $1.3M in pre-seed funding! We’re still being very private about what we’ve built, other than to say it’s a B2B marketing technology solution for companies who have a product-led growth motion. 
Inflection Achieves Gold Standard in Data Security With SOC 2 Certification
October 25, 2021
To ensure the success of our customers and partners, we’ve sworn to maintain the highest standards of security, reliability, and privacy for user data. We are proud that we achieved SOC 2 Type 1 certification before we even launch our product. That’s how much security, reliability, and privacy mean to us.
Need a PLG-Focused Tech Stack? Here’s Our Ultimate Product-Led Growth Vendor Landscape
October 21, 2021
To aid your adoption of product-led growth, we created a product-led growth landscape to help make it easier to discover new tools and technologies. 
Here’s Why You Should Attend Blastoff! A Product-Led Growth Conference
October 8, 2021
There are numerous virtual events and conferences happening every day globally and you need to know why you should dedicate your time for Blastoff! Here are the four promising reasons why you should block your calendar for Blastoff! 
Meet the Speakers - Blastoff! A Product-led Growth Conference
October 7, 2021
You must be really excited to know who all will be speaking at the conference. So here is the complete list of speakers who are going to deliver their best presentations for the product-led growth world.
Announcing Blastoff! A Product-Led Growth Conference at ProductLed.Marketing!
October 6, 2021
We are thrilled to announce Blastoff! a Product-Led Growth Conference, happening at ProductLed.Marketing community. This virtual conference for product-led growth is free to attend and you will get the opportunity to learn from over 15 product-led thought leaders, unicorn builders, and vendor veterans. 
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