PLG Motions Framework: The 3 Product-Led Motions
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Customers are your new growth engine

Inflection helps you deliver on aha moments that drive activation, retention, and expansion with the right message at the right time, so you can generate more revenue from your customers.

Built for the modern data stack

Bring in CRM and product data with the click of a button, with Inflection’s native zero-ETL functionality.

  • Stream in data from product events, Salesforce, and data warehouses
  • Syncs all events without needing to set up individual fields
  • Reduce dependency on engineering and product teams

Advanced B2B audience segmentation

Segment your audience with all your data to drive revenue through increased product activation. 

  • Account, Workspace, and People hierarchy support
  • Audiences based on CRM, product events, list membership, email activity, and more
  • Drive adoption of the account, not just the user

Easily communicate with customers at scale

Whether it's a campaign for onboarding, adoption, revenue, or pipeline, Inflection gives you the tools to execute triggered and batch emails.

  • Full email and campaign reporting
  • Syncs all product events without needing to set up individual fields
  • Emails land with the right message at the right time

Find PQLs/PQAs, then create more of them

Go beyond measuring and put customers on paths that improve conversions and create net new PQLs and PQAs.

  • Full account and user journey orchestration
  • Branching based on CRM and/or product data
  • Drive better onboarding and adoption and be rewarded with pipeline and revenue

Move past one-size-fits-all with tailored experiences

With Inflection’s next generation personalization engine, you’ll be able to make every customer feel like 1 in a million.

  • Build personalization off CRM and product data
  • Excel-like functions to make powerful tokens
  • Deep personalization drives deeper product engagement 

Measure pipeline impact in Salesforce

Show the value of growth to the bottom line and get credit for all your hard work by connecting efforts to sales deals.

  • Automatically sync Salesforce Campaigns
  • Native integration with easy setup
  • Understand impact of on pipeline and revenue

Send your first email in just a few days

We’ve built Inflection as a modern application, with high horsepower, but a thoughtful experience and provide full onboarding support.

  • Easy implementation enabling speed to market
  • WYSIWYG experience across the entire platform
  • Simple and manageable user experience compared to legacy marketing automation