The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Product Onboarding

All you need to know for elevating product adoption and accelerating product-led growth
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In this ebook

Signs Your Onboarding Isn’t Working
Building Fresh Vs. Improving Current Onboarding
Need to Change from Time-based to Product Activity-based
Personalizing Based on Customer Type, Lifecycle Stage & Account
Onboarding Best Practices and KPIs
Example of Ideal Onboarding Journey
Strategic Sales Engagement
Best Tools to Implement Onboarding


Growth is either acquiring more or converting better. Product-led growth is no different.

2021 - 2022 was all about acquiring more. Spending more. A total land grab.

The best companies have figured out that 2023 and beyond is about converting better.

I am seeing some great companies who get this and are taking a hard look at their PLG motion to get much better at converting starting with tailored onboarding experiences.

The importance of product onboarding cannot be overstated. A well-designed onboarding experience can help users understand the value of your product and how to use it effectively to make their work and life better, while a poorly designed one can lead to frustration and confusion.

This ebook provides a comprehensive guide to product onboarding, covering everything from understanding users to designing effective user-centric onboarding experiences with some great examples. You will also learn how to measure the success of your onboarding and about some tools to execute it.

This ebook is a must-read for anyone in marketing, product, customer success, or growth roles who wants to create engaging onboarding experiences. We hope you find it as informative and enjoyable to read as we found it to write.

Happy reading!

Dave Rigotti

Co-founder at