Marketing technology for product-led growth
We're in stealth mode, but if you're in marketing at a product-led startup, we'd love to show you what we've built.
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The future of B2B marketing is product-led
As former leaders at Marketo and Bizible, we saw first hand the impact marketing can have on growth. What these products did for a sales-led world we will do for the product-led world.

Marketing is moving into the product and further in the customer lifecycle more than ever before. 

We believe this fundamental change in GTM requires marketing technology that is purpose built for product-led companies. One that utilizes new data sources such as data warehouses or product analytics, and is scalable, extensible, and modern.

We believe the future of B2B marketing is product-led and can’t wait to show you what we’ve built.
Dave Rigotti

Dave Rigotti
Aaron Bird

Aaron Bird
"Inflection is making the data warehouse actionable for B2B marketing teams"
Kim Manis
Head of Product Management, Azure Synapse

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Product-Led and Marketing

Great marketing is not a constant. It evolved and continues to do so with the times. The best companies that are nailing marketing now are product-led. Their marketing function is deeply integrated with the product, sales, and customer success with the product as their channel.

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