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Marketing platform built for the  modern data stack
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You nurture leads. Now nurture users.

Welcome to a next generation B2B marketing and customer communication platform. Send highly personalized messages with user engagement data without waiting on product or data teams. Guide your users to quicker onboarding, better adoption, and get more revenue and pipeline. The power of Marketo, ease of use of Intercom, data of Snowflake.

Purpose built for B2B product-led companies

From our native two way Salesforce integration, to our support of Account<>Workspace<>User data models, to account-based journeys, Inflection is specifically built for B2B product-led companies.

Without Inflection

Over-reliance on conversations and in-app notifications to drive adoption and pipeline expansion.

Generic flows and emails due to trying to stuff product data into marketing automation.

Ignoring low-value customers and users because they aren’t ready to buy yet.

Waiting in queues with product/data teams to be able to execute campaigns.

With Inflection

Reach executives not using the product and increase new activation to drive more pipeline.

Highly personalized campaigns that drive aha moments and pipeline.

Automating communications along the customer's journey via tech-touch, but with a human-touch feel.

Instantly access all your data through connections to your modern data stack.

Use Cases


Generate enterprise pipeline from your existing customers

Put customers on journeys that improve conversions and create net new pipeline informed by what they are doing in your product.


Deliver aha moments that drive long term retention

"Inflection helped us tie our email activity to product activity, boosting our onboarding open rate by 9% and doubling our engagement rate. Overall it has reduced time to activation for our users and is a powerful tool to let us run growth experiments."

Kim Lu


Reach execs and bring users back into the product

“Inflection’s automated QBR campaigns are a brilliant way for us to reach the broader buyer committee - especially those that don't attend our live QBRs."

MH Lines
Stack Moxie


Develop new opportunities out of thin air

"Inflection helps us deliver content in context, enabling automated conversations that help us drive higher engagement and increase pipeline quality in ways that weren't possible for us previously."

Bryan Zirkel
Vice President, Customer Experience & Growth
Sauce Labs

Scaled Success

Superpowers for your team

“Inflection helps us maintain a personal relationship with tens of thousands of users. We’d have to hire many more CSMs to have that same level of engagement we do today.”

Jocelyn Brown
Head of Customer Success and Sales

Our vision

Our vision is to build the one solution for prospect and customer communications. One that streamlines workflows, delivers a better experience to customers, is easier to manage, and overall less expensive. Inflection’s solution for communicating with users, Inflection for Customers, is now available. Inflection’s marketing automation solution, Inflection for Prospects is coming later in 2024.

Brought to you by former executives from Bizible and Marketo and backed by some of the best in the industry

Andy Turman

GTM/Sales at Previously Marketo and Bizible

Vic Davis

SVP Customers at Previously Marketo and Bizible

Dave Rigotti

Cofounder at Previously Marketo and Bizible

Aaron Bird

Cofounder/CEO at Previously Marketo and Bizible

Edward Unthank


Arjun Pillai

Chief Data Officer at Zoominfo

Adam Schoenfeld

CEO at Keyplay

Vijay Nagappan

Board at

Brewster Stanislaw

CPO at Demandbase

Justin Gray


Matt Heinz

CRO at Amplitude

Ray Carroll

Former VP Sales at Marketo

Move from personalization to contextualization to drive pipeline, adoption, and engagement

Deliver tailored marketing campaigns across the customer lifecycle with an audience and token builder purpose built for product-led growth. Drive adoption, revenue expansion, and create delightful product engagements.

Get a single view of the customer with the new identity profile

Native integrations to your product activity data and CRM allow us to stream all the data from the source, no SQL required. Inflection’s unification engine then combines into a single view for executing impactful marketing campaigns

Remove dependencies, so you can focus on what matters

Inflection was built for marketers, with self-service functionality. From interacting with product data to building personalization tokens, with no SQL or scripting required.

Made to support unicorns, with scale-proof infrastructure

From being able to support 100 million contacts and billions of product activity events to being built with exacting security standards such as SOC 2, CCPA, and GDPR compliance, Inflection can support you today and tomorrow.

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