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Drive more revenue and sales pipeline from your PLG efforts with Inflection's first-to-market solution
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The platform for marketing, growth, and customer success teams at product-led companies.

Align your cross-functional teams to drive more revenue, usage, and faster onboarding with user and account based automation empowered by product and sales data. The power of Marketo, ease of use of Intercom, data of Snowflake.

Brought to you by former executives from Bizible and Marketo

"Inflection combines the best thinking of the PLG world and the marketing world to help teams build sophisticated growth loops"
Erik Bower
former VP Growth at
"How Inflection enables companies to do product-led growth is brilliant"
M.H. Lines
CEO at
Stack Moxie
"I'm betting on Inflection to automate adding value (crafting the best customer experience) to the proven greatest source of annual revenue to any B2B company--existing customers"
Edward Unthank
former CEO at
"I saw a lot of martech software when I was the CMO of SiriusDecisions. Inflection will be transformative for B2B marketing with a team, product, vision all aligned on marketing automation for PLG"
Brad Gillespie
former CMO at
"Inflection is going to change the way we do product-led growth"
Adam New-Waterson
Head of Product at
Stack Moxie
"Inflection is a product that will define product-led growth"
Peter Kirk
Senior Marketing Operations Manager at
"Inflection is making the data warehouse actionable for B2B marketing teams"
Kim Manis
Partner Director of Product Management,
Azure Synapse Analytics & Power BI
"The product Inflection built fills an essential gap that marketing teams experience when implementing product-led growth"
Jenn Steele
VP of Marketing at

Move from personalization to contextualization to drive pipeline, adoption, and engagement

Deliver tailored marketing campaigns across the customer lifecycle with an audience and token builder purpose built for product-led growth. Drive adoption, revenue expansion, and create delightful product engagements.

Get a single view of the customer with the new identity profile

Native integrations to your product activity data and CRM allow us to stream all the data from the source, no SQL required. Inflection’s unification engine then combines into a single view for executing impactful marketing campaigns

Remove dependencies, so you can focus on what matters

Inflection was built for marketers, with self-service functionality. From interacting with product data to building personalization tokens, with no SQL or scripting required.

Made to support unicorns, with scale-proof infrastructure

From being able to support 100 million contacts and billions of product activity events to being built with exacting security standards such as SOC 2, CCPA, and GDPR compliance, Inflection can support you today and tomorrow.

From the blog

Our tech stacks are varied depending on the purpose and our flavor of product-led growth. We compiled a PLG tech landscape to help you build your own tech stack. Here's what we learned when we deep-dived into the vendors.

ABM isn’t just marketing. The market or category conversation from account-based marketing shifted to ABE “account-based everything” and ABX “account-based experiences”. Are we at that moment in product-led growth?

Building an audience based on their actions adds another dimension to the customer profile that can give context to the communication. We built our dynamic list feature to help marketers get their campaigns delivered to the most relevant customers.