The Ultimate Guide to PLG Communication That Converts

An ultimate collection of winning PLG campaign ideas, examples, and best practices.
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In this ebook

Personalization and Product-Led Growth
Why Emails in PLG?
Onboarding Emails
Milestone Emails
Recap Emails
Reactivation Emails
Share or Invite Emails
Upsell and Cross-Sell Emails
Abandoned Cart Emails


From Dave Rigotti, CMO & Co-founder -

Thank you for your interest in The Ultimate Guide to PLG Communication that Converts - Personalized and At Scale. You’ll see that emails are a recurring theme in this guide. That’s because the backbone of great product-led growth is almost always great email.

Guiding people through onboarding, adoption, and expansion.

Bringing them back into the product.

Recaps to highlight the success and value experienced from the product.

Emails are a great way to drive product-led growth across customer life stages.

In this ebook, you’ll learn how effective personalization is in driving product-led growth. We’ll
show you a lot of examples of how top PLG businesses are using emails with tips to tailor
messaging to your users and customers at scale. Happy reading!