Do you still believe that PLG is a single playbook?

Product-led motion is not only free trial and freemium. Dive into the three different approaches you can take to be PLG and a framework that can help you decide.
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This guide includes:

Deep dive into 3 distinct game-changing product-led motions.
Real-world examples for each product-led approach
Characteristics that differentiate the product-led approach.
Framework to choose the right product-led motion for your business.

"Product-led growth. It's a term that sounds straightforward but means different things to different people. After talking to hundreds of companies embracing product-led growth, I've found there are essentially three different approaches. It all boils down to different stages of maturity.

I’m going to help you understand the difference between all three product-led motions and help you choose the right one for your company."

Dave Rigotti

Co-founder at