PLG Motions Framework: The 3 Product-Led Motions
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Inflection + HubSpot

Where does Inflection fit in my stack? We hear this a lot, and to make it easy for everyone we’ve created this page to help you understand how Inflection customers today use Inflection with their existing tools.

Inflection is all about helping you send the right message at the right time to drive better onboarding, free-to-paid conversions, activation, product adoption, and driving enterprise pipeline from your customers and users.

Customers with HubSpot generally deploy Inflection alongside HubSpot marketing automation tool, which would handle sales-led activities such as webinars, prospect communications, and lead management and Inflection would handle communications to users/customers such as onboarding, newsletters, adoption, free-to-paid, and generating enterprise pipeline/expansion opportunities.

HubSpot marketing automation is known for their prospect workflows and Inflection is known for user/customer workflows. Inflection will be adding prospect workflow support - such as lead management, webinars, etc - later in 2023. Customers can then choose to consolidate all marketing automation to Inflection or continue to run Inflection alongside HubSpot.



Lead management
Coming later 2024
Webinar management
Coming later 2024
Prospect workflows
Coming later 2024
Two way SFDC sync
Bring in all your product data
Run hyper-personalized campaigns based on unified data (product + CRM)
100% of customers are product-led

If you’re looking for a solution to drive more conversions, adoption, and pipeline from your customers today, Inflection can be a great fit for you today and provide you with future optionality on marketing automation.