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Here’s Our Product-led Go-To-Market (PLGTM) Vendor Landscape for 2023 - Your Solution for Building an Ultimate PLG Tech Stack

Akhil G
September 14, 2023

We just published our 2023 edition of the product-led go-to-market (PLGTM) vendor landscape for 2023 and it has attracted many more views than the last year’s edition. We believe it’s mainly because of the whopping 178% growth in the number of vendors from our first edition (PLG Vendor Landscape 2021) and the increasing popularity of product-led growth among SaaS companies. 

In this edition, we have a total of 66 unique vendors and it includes many new tools in various categories. Also, we saw some shifting of vendors who facilitate product-led sales into scoring, so we branched the selection/prioritization category (from last year’s edition) into product-led sales and scoring/prioritization to cover all bases. 

Let’s jump into all the categories and know which vendors are included in this edition: 

Product tracking

Product tracking tools gather data from various sources, such as signups and actual product use. This standardized data provides a complete picture of user interactions, regardless of the platform or device. 

These tools not only collect data but also send it to various destinations like data warehouses, analytics platforms, and marketing systems. This helps businesses identify critical customer journeys, analyze feature usage, and find areas to improve. Here are the major product tracking vendors we have included in the landscape: 

1. Segment

2. Amplitude

3. Rudderstack

4. Heap

5. Pendo

6. Freshpaint

7. Gainsight PX


These tools aim to enhance the user experience within the product using features like in-app guides, widgets, and tooltips. They also give teams valuable insights into how users interact with the product, helping improve user journeys and drive product adoption.

In the context of product-led growth, these tools are especially useful for increasing conversions, upselling, and speeding up product adoption. For instance, a tooltip could provide information about a premium feature and a link to the billing section, which will remind users about the premium features and ultimately lead to higher conversions. 

Here are the major in-product tools available to support product-led companies: 

1. Mutiny

2. Appcues

3. Pendo

4. Chameleon

5. Userflow

6. Intercom

7. Userpilot

8. CommandBar

9. WalkMe

10. Ripe

Marketing automation

In a successful PLG strategy, automating real-time product-based campaigns is crucial. Customized marketing automation for product-led companies lets them respond to user interactions with timely and relevant messages, fueling growth.

To overcome the limitations of older platforms, it’s important to find solutions that use product activity data to boost user engagement, upselling, and sustainable growth. 

As you know, as of now, Inflection is the only marketing automation tool designed specifically for product-led companies. But Here are all the marketing automation solutions available for product-led companies: 

1. Inflection

2. Marketo

3. HubSpot


These tools are essential for identifying valuable leads by enhancing sign-up information with key details like company data (e.g., employee count, funding) and personal information (e.g., job title, phone number).

For PLG companies with a large number of product signups, data enrichment tools help distinguish qualified leads from the rest. It’s even more effective when these tools integrate directly with product-led sales and communication tools.

Here are all the data enrichment tools available for product-led companies: 

1. Clearbit

2. Zoominfo

3. Keyplay

4. ExactBuyer

5. Seamless.AI

Customer communication

Effective customer communication is a key element of success in the product-led growth approach. Using personalized and targeted communication channels, these companies can drive product adoption, improve customer activation, and build strong customer relationships, which in turn helps business growth and expansion.

Here are the major customer communication tools available for product-led companies: 

1. Inflection


3. Intercom

4. Braze

5. Iterable

Reverse ETL

Reverse ETL is all about taking data from a data warehouse and smoothly integrating it into other systems to make it useful. These tools fetch data from the warehouse and merge it with records in systems like Inflection and Salesforce to improve the dataset. This helps organizations use their data more efficiently. 

Here are the major reverse ETL tools available for product-led companies: 

1. Segment

2. Census

3. Hightouch

4. Syncari

5. RudderStack

6. Rivery

7. Immersa


Selection or prioritization tools assist sales teams at PLG companies in ranking and organizing accounts based on in-product data for acquisition, conversion, and expansion.

With many leads coming from free trials or freemium options, it can be overwhelming for sales teams to handle them all individually. Scoring and prioritization tools step in to help. They evaluate leads and accounts based on their interactions with the product and intent signals, identifying Product Qualified Leads (PQLs) and Product Qualified Accounts (PQAs). This gives sales teams insights into which leads deserve their focus and effort.

Here are the major scoring/prioritization tools available for product-led companies: 

1. Toplyne

2. Correlated

3. MadKudu


Product-led sales

These tools help product-led companies see product usage data more clearly and understand their customers better. They can spot high-conversion leads and predict accounts at risk of leaving. With this useful information, sales teams can prioritize their efforts, close deals more efficiently, and cultivate customer relationships for growth.

Like scoring and prioritization tools, these tools are best for product-led companies dealing with a large number of leads that can’t be managed individually.

Here are the major product-led sales tools available for product-led companies: 

1. Pocus

2. Endgame

3. HeadsUp

4. Journy

5. Humanic AI


CRM tools serve as a central hub, making communication easy, tracking customer interactions, and empowering sales, marketing, and customer success teams to build strong relationships. There are many CRM tools available, each designed for different needs.

But for product-led companies, not all CRM tools are a good fit. The right CRM for PLG should have specific features tailored to their growth model.

Here are the major CRM vendors available for product-led companies: 

1. HubSpot CRM

2. Salesforce

3. Close

Human email

Hyper-personalized emails build meaningful connections with potential and current customers. Sales and Success teams in different industries use this approach for account-based marketing, creating human-like communication.

By using customer data from their product and external sources like their website, they can fine-tune email marketing to send personalized, relevant messages that connect with their audience.

Here are the major human email tools available for product-led companies: 

1. Outreach

2. Salesloft

3. Apollo

4. HubSpot CRM

5. Vitally

6. Catalyst

Product analytics

Product analytics tools offer valuable insights into user behavior and engagement. They allow you to visualize and analyze how users interact with your product, giving you a complete view of their journeys and experiences.

Product teams use them to gain profound insights into user interactions. Analyzing behavior data helps identify feature usage patterns and areas for improvement, and assess overall product performance.

Here are the major product analytics tools available for product-led companies: 

1. Mixpanel

2. Amplitude

3. Heap

4. Metabase

5. Tableau

6. Microsoft Power BI

7. Looker


9. PostHog

10. Flywheel

11. Indicative

12. Adobe Analytics

Data warehouse

Data warehouses are centralized systems that store and manage large amounts of data. In product-led growth companies, data warehouses are critical, handling vast amounts of data continuously. It’s important to choose a data warehouse solution that can handle large volumes efficiently and cost-effectively.

Having raw data in the data warehouse opens up many possibilities. Companies can perform data analysis, transformation, and syncing of enriched data with sales, marketing, and CRM tools. This integration supports better decision-making and provides valuable insights from the data.

Here are the major data warehouse tools available for product-led companies: 

1. BigQuery

2. Snowflake

3. Amazon Redshift

4. Azure Synapse Analytics

These all are the different tools available for product-led companies to build an efficient growth tech stack. You can use The Ultimate Product-led Go-To-Market (PLGTM) Vendor Buying Guide to compare vendors and learn how to choose the right one for your requirements. 

Also, if you need more help, you can talk to our experts by requesting a demo and we will show you how to utilize product activity data to foster effective customer communication for driving conversions and growth. 

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