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Announcing Inflection Integration with BigQuery to Enable Data Warehouse Powered Marketing Automation

Dave Rigotti
May 8, 2023

Inflection is excited to announce our native integration with BigQuery.

Product-led companies can now create highly engaging campaigns for their audiences and personalized communications, from onboarding to automated QBRs, to revenue & pipeline expansion with data directly from BigQuery.

This zero-ETL integration requires no SQL or even a field creation in Inflection, meaning importing hundreds or even thousands of product events or properties takes just a few minutes, and you can create emails like this: 

The data warehouse is quickly becoming the source of truth for data for so many companies. CRMs like Salesforce might only contain a subset of users and usually don’t have all the product actions a user has taken, or all the detailed customer information needed for effective user and customer programs. Plus, the data warehouse is often where vast historical information is stored.

What are customers doing with the BigQuery integration?

Inflection combines data from Salesforce, CDPs such as Segment, and of course data warehouses. Our customers are using Inflection for:

  • Onboarding that’s based on the user’s (or account’s) actual product activity.
  • Free trial conversion that is aware of Salesforce ownership and account details.
  • Generating expansion pipeline/revenue with emails from CSM/AEs.
  • PQL/PQA scoring & alerts to the Salesforce owner.
  • Feature releases and adoption with reminders to those that haven’t used the new feature yet.
  • Automated QBRs that reach executives who aren’t using the product.
  • Evergreen retention activations through FOMO and so much more. 

And since Inflection was built for B2B product-led companies, with an understanding of Accounts<>Workspaces<>Users, lead scoring, and B2B-centric workflows, Inflection is the best way to communicate with users and customers in a product-led world.

Want to learn more? You can request a demo of Inflection or join our weekly webinar.

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