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Announcing Webhooks: Take Product-Led Communication to The Next Level

Usha Vadapalli
March 9, 2023

We are excited to announce the availability of webhooks in Inflection.

Product-led growth businesses are user-centric and prioritize their customers’ preferred channels for communication. And, depending on your customers, product, and also the type of message your channel of communication differs. You could be sending an SMS about critical information to your customers whereas prefer Slack for internal notifications.

Using Webhooks for PLG

Webhooks are a way for one web application to communicate with another application in real time, allowing our customers to greatly extend the capabilities of Inflection.

You can use this feature to trigger action through any of the tools in your tech stack that accept webhooks. Let’s unpack a few of several use cases of using webhooks with Inflection.

Trigger In-App Experiences

If you are using a homegrown, open-source (for example, Shepherd.js), or a 3rd party tool to run in-app experiences like onboarding, in-app chat, or even push notifications you can use Inflection to trigger the desired action based on specific events.

For example, let’s say you want to invite all your users to a conference or maybe webinar to learn about the new features you just launched. If you send an email AND do a popup the next time they log into the product, it can be a negative experience for your power users - the ones who already registered for the event by opening the email and signing up. Now, you can trigger based on their activity, for example, send an email, wait 3 days, if they haven’t registered then show an in-app notification.

Send Alerts on Slack

If your team lives on Slack, you can easily set up internal alerts notifying your teams of time-sensitive product issues, red-hot PQLs, and so much more.

Let’s say your product pricing strategy is usage-based and you set up a dynamic list of audiences who reach 80% of their allotted product usage. If the automated warning email to the customer bounced or if the customer didn’t open the automated email warning about the usage limit after 3 days of sending, you can use webhooks and alert your CSM on Slack. Your CSM can choose an appropriate and timely action so the customer doesn’t end up getting a hefty invoice or locked out of the product till the plan renews.

Send SMS Via Twilio

Speaking of timely messages, texting is a great channel of communication many PLG companies use to get in touch with their users. If you use services like Twilio or AWS SMS, our webhooks can trigger an action, i.e., sending a predefined text message with personalization tokens based on important chosen events, for example renewal reminder or latest billing notification.

Setting up Webhooks in Inflection

Getting started with webhooks in Inflection is easy. It’s really just two steps. First, you set up the webhook in the format and content type accepted by the destination app of your choice. Right within Inflection you can preview the response to ensure everything is working correctly.

When you have the webhook ready, go to your campaign and just add Run webhook as a flow step like shown here. It can be the only flow step or part of a larger campaign flow that branches based on other actions

Webhooks are a truly versatile way to mobilize product communication through your customer’s preferred channel. Inflection enables PLG companies to see a unified view of their customers by combining product activity like Segment and data from CRMs like Salesforce.

Webhooks can help you expand the ability of your product by sending the right message to the right customer at the right time on their channel of preference. For further details on our features and use cases, watch Inflection in action.

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