Announcing Inflection and Salesforce Bi-Directional Sync to Supercharge PLG

Usha Vadapalli
March 7, 2023

Inflection is thrilled to announce our bi-directional native integration with Salesforce.

With the power of product and CRM data, you can now personalize PLG campaigns like never before as well and push data into Salesforce from Inflection. With this integration, Inflection customers can:

  1. Create net new contacts in Salesforce from CSV uploads and form fills.
  2. Flag leads (PQLs and PQAs) ripe with intent to the Sales team.
  3. Run hyper-personalized communications with customers based on unified data (product + CRM).
  4. Hold back certain leads from getting into Salesforce until they reach certain milestones, to keep data usage low, keep a clean instance, and not distract your sales team.
  5. Use Inflection as reverse ETL, pushing data from data warehouse or Segment into Salesforce, so GTM teams can have up-to-date information on a customer.

PLG Outcomes of Salesforce and Inflection Sync

Inflection combines the power of having a unified view of product activity data, person, and account information at your disposal to run personalized PLG campaigns. With integrations to data warehouses (like Snowflake and RedShift), CDPs (like Segment), and Salesforce CRM, you can tailor customer communications at scale that deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Here are some amazing PLG campaigns our customers are running right now with Inflection and Salesforce Integration.

Boosting Self-serve Revenue

Encourage self-serve upgrades with automated email campaigns reminding users of trial expiry, usage limit, seat limit, and gated feature access.

You can send an email like this to users who hit their product usage limits.

Generating More Sales Pipeline

Minting more product qualified leads (PQLs) and product qualified accounts (PQAs) and alerting the Sales team of an opportunity ripe with intent is how enterprise deals happen in PLG.

Use Inflection to set up an alert for a desired event as shown in the example to generate more sales pipeline.

Unlocking Expansion Revenue

Upselling or cross-selling is how PLG companies achieve sustainable growth without having to spend a fortune constantly acquiring new customers.

Your Success team just needs the right product value metrics (the most valuable stats for your customers) to be able to strike up a conversation with the right customer.

We can’t wait for you to try out personalizing product-led growth campaigns with Inflection.

The Inflection Advantage

There are many marketing and customer communications platforms with the possibility to connect your Salesforce CRM. But, for a PLG business, Inflection offers several advantages that are unique to our platform.

Unified Mapping

PLG businesses typically experience an explosive top-of-the-funnel. The majority of marketing automation platforms available for B2B PLG SaaS businesses have API usage limit and also an upper threshold for creating custom objects/fields for syncing product activity data. The user often has to make a decision on which audience segments to sync or end up paying an exorbitant amount for a higher volume sync.

Inflection is purpose-built for product-led growth businesses. We support millions of users and product data events to enable PLG volume of communications powered by both product activity and CRM data. With a lot of flexibility in creating, editing, and re-mapping the objects/fields.

Inflection’s CRM Data screen shows the unified mapping of all Salesforce objects/fields. You can create new fields in Inflection, map custom fields, and re-map existing fields. Auto-mapping of Salesforce leads, contacts, or both is possible with sync preference (Bi-directional, Use only Salesforce, and Prefer Salesforce unless blank) customizable for each field.


One of the major problems faced by teams using Salesforce CRM is duplicate records. You can create multiple records with the same email address. A lot of legacy automation tools and ETL/Reverse ETL fail to address the problem of duplication because they process data in batches.

You can solve the duplication problem with Inflection’s SFDC integration.

When establishing the sync for the first time, if there are duplicate email addresses in salesforce, Inflection automatically syncs the most recently updated Salesforce record with that email address.

What if you decide that the latest record is not what you want to keep? We have a solution for that too. You can manually re-sync a different record with the same email from Salesforce with just a click of a button.

Smart API Management

You have total flexibility in deciding if you want to allocate all or some of the API calls to Inflection. Set the API limit and select the objects you want to sync and we will calculate an optimal sync interval for you.

The sync frequency is smartly calculated based on factors like the number of objects synced, sync preference for individual fields, and the number of people in your database among other factors so that you can do what you do best without having to worry about exceeding the API limit. It can be as frequent as 1 minute.

Managing Contacts

Building Salesforce inclusion lists can help you stay more in control of the contacts getting synced into your SFDC account. Let’s explore this with an example.

Imagine getting an influx of sign-ups for your product from students. It’s great for your product but you don’t necessarily want the Sales team being assigned to these accounts on a round-robin basis. You can create a dynamic or static inclusion list that syncs only the desired records from Inflection to Salesforce.

Note: This scenario in the above screenshot is specific to use cases that need some user segments excluded. If an ‘Inclusion List’ (shown below) is selected in the sync settings, that always limits the synced contacts to the chosen list.

Transparency and Flexibility

The finer details of the integration like the connection from sync preference, the number of API calls per day, data fields to be mapped, the direction of data flow, etc., are all up to you.

You can decide if you want to sync everything or choose a portion of your contacts to sync to and from Salesforce. Depending on your use cases and product, you can choose to sync select segments of your audience, make an exclusion list, monitor the sync health, pause and restart the data sync.

Net, net, you are in charge of deciding how and when your contacts and leads and created and updated.

Inflection is built by former Adobe, Marketo, and Bizible executives to solve for the need of PLG businesses. The next-gen B2B marketing and customer automation platform helps product-led companies speed-up onboarding, improve product adoption, and generate more revenue and pipeline.

To see Inflection in action, request a demo.

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