Announcing and Snowflake Integration For Data Warehouse-based B2B Marketing Automation

Dave Rigotti
June 13, 2022

Data is collected, stored, and analyzed in near real-time today. Heaps of customer data are more accessible than ever before. However, harnessing the power of data for business cases is still a work in progress.

Product-led growth companies have an affinity to store thousands of product events, user activity data, demographic, and firmographic information for analyzing and gathering insights. But, the limitations of the legacy B2B marketing automation vendors like Marketo restrict the actions a product-led marketer can perform to drive revenue from the insights.

We built Inflection to solve for these points of friction for marketing in the PLG era. Inflection is the only B2B marketing automation platform purpose-built for product-led growth companies. We made marketing automation truly data-driven and scalable.

We are excited to announce Snowflake integration with Inflection to help marketing teams have meaningful conversations with customers backed by unified data from siloed sources, at the PLG scale.

Why Inflection?

Inflection is founded by former Bizible, Marketo, and Adobe executives. We had front-row seats to the undeniable rise in PLG adoption and the changes the end-use era brought to B2B marketing. We are marketers building for marketers navigating the product-led ecosystem.

We built Inflection to drive adoption, expansions, and delightful engagements for your product users based on their new identity profile — a single view of the product, people, and account activity data.

You need marketing to drive off the source of truth, Snowflake has moved to be the 'source of truth' for so many companies. We are proud to be the only B2B marketing automation solution with a native integration with Snowflake to power product activity-based marketing."

- Dave Rigotti

If you are a Snowflake user, Inflection helps you drive automated marketing campaigns, qualify users and accounts for business teams to nurture, set up contextualized communication that feels like one-to-one customer conversations at scale, and is more driven by product activity and customer data from Snowflake.

Out-Of-The-Box Integration

Your time is best spent on growing your business and not worrying about data integration complexities. We made the Inflection to Snowflake integration painless for you. It is as easy as plug-and-play. What makes it so effortless, you ask?

No complicated data pipeline setup is needed. That means, no need to write SQL queries to import data and no dependency on the data team.

Operate with existing data schema, including an understanding of accounts, organizations, and workspaces.

You are in charge of the sync frequency. You can set sync intervals, see connection reporting or sync details, understand issues, etc., within Inflection reporting.  Additionally, you can review, modify, or revoke access at any time without requiring support or action from Inflection.

Why Are We Excited About Inflection and Snowflake Integration?

  • Inflection uses Snowflake data warehouse as the single source of truth for marketing automation. We combine the product, person, and account data gathered from various tools used across org to give you a unified single view of the customer.
  • Inflection’s integration with Snowflake allows you to run campaigns that are beyond personalized. You can establish context around your users and accounts by leveraging the 360° view of product events, customer, and account data with Inflection’s excel-style token editor.
  • Think of all those customer records sitting dormant in Snowflake because of your CRM’s limitations on the contact list. Imagine a scenario where you can email to remind all those inactive users of the value they are missing out on, in other words, create FOMO. Here are some of the email campaigns you can run with Inflection, today!
  • Inflection is built for PLG volume of users. We can support up to 100 million contacts and billions of product events.

Leverage the under-utilized customer intelligence to revive user engagement and deliver value. To connect with your customers at scale for meaningful conversations, see Inflection in action.

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