Announces Support for MQL, PQL, & PQA Scoring to Supercharge Your Lead and Account Qualification

Akhil G
May 9, 2023

In the competitive landscape of B2B marketing and sales, effective lead and account qualification is crucial for focusing on potential opportunities and driving revenue growth. 

Most existing marketing automation systems just offer lead scoring capabilities based on what is in the CRM, which often doesn’t include a user's product usage, preventing B2B companies from qualifying accounts and users efficiently. 

To fill this gap, we’re now introducing the support for manual scoring for marketing qualified leads (MQLs), product qualified leads (PQLs), and product qualified accounts (PQAs) on our platform. This functionality lets our users set up MQL, PQL, and PQA scoring seamlessly and efficiently and then take action to create more MQLs, PQLs, and PQAs.

How does Inflection’s MQL, PQL, and PQA scoring work? 

With this feature, you can simply add scoring parameters as an update value action step in the campaign flow. You can use our formula functionality for configuring the scoring calculations. The configuration is simple yet powerful to build highly complex scoring systems that help you qualify users and accounts better than ever.'s scoring system enables users to assign scores based on various criteria such as demographic information (eg: job title), product activities (eg: first login), and marketing activities (eg: content download). This flexibility empowers businesses to create highly tailored and granular scoring models that accurately reflect the behavior and characteristics of their target audience. 

Based on the scoring, you can also choose to 

  • sync leads to Salesforce only when they reach a certain score.
  • prioritize BDR outreach based on scores by pushing the score to Salesforce.
  • use customized campaign flows for PQLs and non-PQLs, for example send PQL-generating emails to those that have not yet PQL’d.

And since Inflection was built for B2B product-led companies, with an understanding of Accounts<>Workspaces<>Users, lead scoring, and B2B-centric workflows, Inflection is the best way to communicate with users and customers in a product-led world.

Want to learn more? You can request a demo of Inflection or join our weekly webinar.

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