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Here’s Our Product-led Go-To-Market (PLGTM) Vendor Landscape for 2024 - Your Solution for Building an Ultimate PLG Tech Stack

Akhil G
May 2, 2024

We just published our 2024 edition of the product-led go-to-market (PLGTM) vendor landscape and it has already created a lot of buzz in the PLGTM space. This year we have a whopping 196% growth in the number of vendors from our first edition (PLG Vendor Landscape 2021), which indicates the increasing popularity of product-led growth go-to-market approaches among SaaS companies.

In this edition, we have a total of 68 unique vendors and 9 among them are making their debut. We have new categories that have emerged with routing/scheduling and warm outbound.

Let’s jump in: 

Product tracking

Product tracking tools capture and consolidate data from various touchpoints, including product signups and actual usage data. By standardizing this data, product-led growth companies can achieve a comprehensive view of their users' interactions with the product, regardless of the platform or device they use. This allows businesses to identify the most critical customer journeys, understand how users interact with different features, and pinpoint areas that require optimization.

Here are the major product tracking vendors we have included in the landscape: 

1. Segment

2. Amplitude

3. Rudderstack

4. Heap

5. Pendo

6. Gainsight PX


Enabling seamless in-product experiences for users, with a range of functionalities such as in-app guides, interactive product widgets, and tooltips is the main purpose of these tools. In-product tools provide teams with invaluable insights into user behavior and interactions with various in-product elements, helping optimize user journeys and drive product adoption.

In the context of product-led growth, these in-product tools are particularly valuable for improving conversions, upselling customers, and accelerating product adoption. A compelling example can be a tooltip that pops up with information on a premium feature with a link to the billing section. 

Here are the major in-product tools available to support product-led companies: 

1. Mutiny

2. Appcues

3. Pendo

4. Chameleon

5. Userflow

6. Intercom

7. Userpilot

8. CommandBar

9. WalkMe

10. Ripe

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is a fundamental pillar for companies seeking to thrive in the digital era, as it empowers marketers to create personalized marketing campaigns while scaling up the business.

To overcome the limitations of older platforms, it’s important to find solutions that use product activity data to boost user engagement, upselling, and sustainable growth. 

The limitations of legacy platforms necessitate finding solutions that can harness and leverage the abundance of product activity data to drive user engagement, foster upselling opportunities, and ultimately achieve sustainable growth. As of now, Inflection is the only marketing automation tool purpose-built for product-led companies. But Here are all the marketing automation solutions available for product-led companies: 

1. Inflection

2. Marketo

3. HubSpot


Data enrichment tools play a vital role in identifying high-value users by supplementing sign-up information with valuable details like company data (e.g., employee count, funding) and personal information (e.g., job title, phone number). 

Since PLG companies can get a large number of product signups, data enrichment tools help them to identify qualified leads from the crowd. It gets even better when enrichment tools get direct integration with product-led sales tools and communication tools. 

Here are all the data enrichment tools available for product-led companies: 

1. Clearbit

2. Zoominfo

3. Keyplay

4. ExactBuyer

5. Seamless.AI

Customer communication

By tailoring communication based on user behavior and preferences, product-led companies can guide users through their journey, making it easier for them to adopt and engage with the product effectively. 

A robust customer communication process is a cornerstone of success in product-led growth. By utilizing personalized and targeted communication channels, product-led companies can effectively drive product adoption, enhance customer activation, and create lasting customer relationships, ultimately fueling business growth and scalability.

Here are the major customer communication tools available for product-led companies: 

1. Inflection


3. Intercom

4. Braze

5. Iterable

Reverse ETL

Reverse ETL is all about taking data from a data warehouse and smoothly integrating it into other systems to make it useful. These tools fetch data from the warehouse and merge it with records in systems like Inflection and Salesforce to improve the dataset. This helps organizations use their data more efficiently. 

Here are the major reverse ETL tools available for product-led companies: 

1. Segment

2. Census

3. Hightouch

4. Syncari

5. RudderStack

6. Rivery

7. Immersa


Selection or prioritization tools assist sales teams at PLG companies in ranking and organizing accounts based on in-product data for acquisition, conversion, and expansion. 

Having a low product entry barrier,  the number of leads generated through free trial sign-ups or freemium options can be substantial, making it challenging for sales teams to individually process each lead and account. To address this issue, scoring and prioritization tools come to the rescue.

These tools help to score leads and accounts based on their product interactions and intent signals and identify PQLs (Product Qualified Leads) and PQAs (Product Qualified Accounts), providing sales teams with valuable insights on which leads are worth their time and attention.

Here are the major scoring/prioritization tools available for product-led companies: 

1. Toplyne

2. Correlated

3. MadKudu


5. UserMotion

6. Breadcrumbs

Product-led sales

Product-led sales tools enable product-led companies to visualize product usage data and gain deeper insights into their customers. They can identify users that show high conversion potential and predict which accounts are at risk of churning. Armed with such actionable intelligence, sales teams can strategically prioritize their efforts, close deals more effectively, and nurture customer relationships for growth.

Like scoring and prioritization tools, these tools are best for product-led companies dealing with a large number of leads that can’t be managed individually.

Here are the major product-led sales tools available for product-led companies: 

1. Pocus

2. Endgame

3. Rupert

4. Journy

5. Humanic AI

6. MadKudu

7. Common Room


CRM tools serve as a central hub, making communication easy, tracking customer interactions, and empowering sales, marketing, and customer success teams to build strong relationships. There are many CRM tools available, each designed for different needs.

But for product-led companies, not all CRM tools are a good fit. The right CRM for PLG should have specific features tailored to their growth model.

Here are the major CRM vendors available for product-led companies: 

1. HubSpot CRM

2. Salesforce

3. Close

Human email

Hyper-personalized email communication represents a powerful strategy for building strong customer relationships and driving business growth.

By tapping into the wealth of customer data available from their own product and external sources like their website, companies can optimize their email marketing efforts to deliver personalized and relevant messages that resonate with their audience.

Here are the major human email tools available for product-led companies: 

1. Outreach

2. Salesloft

3. Apollo

4. Vitally

5. HubSpot CRM

6. Catalyst

Product analytics

Product analytics tools provide invaluable insights into user engagement and behavior data. These tools enable visualization, and in-depth analysis of user interactions with the product, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of buyer journeys and customer experiences. 

For the GTM teams, product analytics tools are a treasure trove of information that helps optimize marketing efficiency and drive higher sales conversions. 

Here are the major product analytics tools available for product-led companies: 

1. Mixpanel

2. Amplitude

3. Heap

4. Metabase

5. Tableau

6. Power BI

7. Looker

8. June

9. PostHog

10. Indicative

11. Flywheel

Data warehouse

Data warehouses are centralized systems designed to store and manage vast amounts of data. In product-led growth companies, data warehouses play a crucial role, processing millions of data points continuously. It becomes imperative to select a data warehouse solution capable of handling substantial volumes while remaining cost-effective.

The presence of raw data in the data warehouse unlocks a myriad of possibilities. Companies can conduct diverse activities, ranging from data analysis and transformation to syncing enriched data with sales, marketing, and CRM tools. This integration facilitates better decision-making processes and empowers teams with valuable insights derived from the data.

Here are the major data warehouse tools available for product-led companies: 

1. BigQuery

2. Snowflake

3. Amazon Redshift

4. Azure Synapse Analytics

Routing & scheduling

Routing and scheduling tools are very useful for both fully-fledged product-led companies and companies that are planning to shift to a product-led approach. Tools that come with routing and scheduling functionality are mostly used for routing form submissions to specific sales team members based on the form input data and CRM information using pre-defined filter conditions. They automatically schedule meetings with the right sales team member based on the CRM data or filter conditions. 

The tools that are solely focused on lead routing let you assign incoming leads to specific users based on filter conditions and round-robin rules. They are very useful for efficiently distributing leads and accounts to the sales reps automatically. 

Here are the major routing & scheduling tools available for product-led companies: 

1. RevenueHero

2. LeanData

3. Default

4. Chili Piper

Warm outbound

Imagine receiving an alert whenever your target account's senior executive visits your product or pricing page. This is what these tools do. Warm outbound tools identify your website and product users and alert you in real-time so that you can reach out to them proactively and try to build an opportunity with that interaction. 

These tools use their own enrichment solutions and additionally, offer integrations with data enrichment tools. They also usually come with some account intent scoring capabilities.

Here are the major warm outbound tools available for product-led companies: 

1. ServiceBell

2. Koala

3. Warmly

These tools available for product-led companies to build an efficient growth tech stack offer plenty of options for a SaaS company at any stage of its growth. 

You can also check out The Ultimate Product-led Go-To-Market (PLGTM) Vendor Buying Guide to compare vendors and learn how to choose the right one for your requirements. We dug deep into these categories and explained how to choose the right vendor for your needs. We also included G2 review comparisons of vendors in each category. 

If you need more help, you can talk to our experts by requesting a demo and we will show you how to utilize product activity data to foster effective customer communication for driving conversions and growth.

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