Announcing Branching in So You Can Create Product-led Journeys That Convert

Usha Vadapalli
March 14, 2023

Inflection is thrilled to announce the availability of branching in campaign flow.

Branching in campaigns is crucial for personalizing and directing your customers to their own customized paths of product experience. It allows you to tailor your messaging to your audience segments based on their interests, behaviors, and preferences to generate more PQLs/PQAs, convert to paid, or expand the customers. With conditional branching, you can always reach out with the right message at the right time.

Inflection is purpose-built to enable product-led companies to execute their growth campaigns and journeys at scale without compromising on personalization.

Let’s explore how branching in Inflection helps you personalize your PLG campaigns with both product activity and CRM data.

Branching by value

The branching by value filter as the title suggests validates a condition based on a specific property.

For example, if you want to customize your event invitations to your audience based on their location you can select any of their geographical property fields to do so. I chose to filter by city here.

The visual order is the order by which you filter and the Default  branch is for everyone else who qualified for the campaign but hasn’t met the branching condition.

Sending an email is a popular action step in campaigns but, Inflection gives you more options.

Once you filter your audience for your PLG use cases like syncing them to Salesforce, running a webhook, automating the action of updating custom fields, sending internal alerts, and more.

Branching by filter

If you select this type of branching, you can choose a condition and decide on further action/s depending on whether the condition is met or not.

For example, let’s say you want to build a personalized campaign to activate your churn risk users based on their product login frequency in a 3-month period. Choose the dynamic list condition in Branch by filter step.  

If the condition is met, that is, if a user didn’t log in to the product in the specified timeframe, automate a personalized email or choose any of the available next flow actions. I’ve decided to send an email here.

You can also add multiple filtering conditions depending on your use case. In the same example, you can set the user sign-up time on a filter. So, your recent sign-ups are not mistaken as a churn risk.

Similarly, you can choose any filter criteria based on the person (email, company, etc.), product (plan subscribed to, number of log-in instances, etc), or marketing activity (unsubscribed, bounced email, etc.) and also list membership.

Branching by token

Branching by token is a powerful tool for personalizing your PLG campaigns and is unique to Inflection.

In Inflection, tokens are super easy to build. If you are familiar with excel style functions, you already know how to build custom tokens in Inflection.

You can use the Branching by token as a flow step in a campaign to base the next steps on the values returned by the token.

For example, a CSM can send personalized automated QBRs to the accounts assigned to them.

You can use this feature for any possible use case that decides on flow actions based on the value returned by a custom token, for example branching based on specific product activity frequency (eg # of logins), branching based on PQL/PQA score, or branching based on usage of a specific feature.

Segment your audience better engagement with a relevant message and ditch the one-size-fits-all approach for personalized PLG automation.

To find out how Inflection can power your PLG campaigns further, request a demo here.

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