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Dave Rigotti
June 23, 2023

We are excited to introduce Product Data Explorer to our platform to help our customers easily understand and manage product events. This new feature enables non-technical teams at product-led companies to easily see all available product events in one place with the option to enable and disable them as required. 

Product activity data from platforms like Segment is not really easy to understand for non-technical teams, especially for marketing, customer success, and growth teams. In most organizations, marketing operations or revenue operations teams handle the product events flow and its management on behalf of marketing, but aren’t the ones who implement the product events. So, oftentimes, marketers will have to rely on technical teams whenever they want to see the available product events or control them. 

Inflection is solving this challenge by introducing Product Data Explorer as a dedicated product events visibility section inside our platform. Inflection users can easily view all the available product events, their properties, when they were last used, and more in one place without dependency on tech teams. 

How Product Data Explorer Works in Inflection

Flexibility is key when it comes to data management. That's why the Product Data Explorer offers powerful customization options, allowing you to tailor the events and properties recorded in Inflection and to build a knowledge repository for the team. 

Choose the Events Mapped to Inflection

With a simple toggle, you can enable or disable the mapping of specific events to Inflection. This feature ensures that only the events you want are recorded, along with all the properties associated with them.

Easily Update Event & Property Descriptions

If you want to make your product events easier to understand, you can add custom descriptions to explain the events better. So if you are an admin user of Inflection, you can add these event and property descriptions to help GTM teams to understand what they are when they open the Product Data Explorer. Think of it as a note about each event for your non-technical teams.

You can simply click on "edit" next to the description field, and you can easily update it with the new information you want to convey. This feature helps you maintain accurate and meaningful event documentation.

Need to add/tweak the description of an event property? No problem! Just click on "edit" next to the property description and type in the new information. This capability ensures that your event properties are well-documented and easily understandable.

With the Product Data Explorer, you now have all the tools you need to gain complete control over your product event data. 

Using Product Events to Build Personalized PLG Campaigns

Inflection is a powerful platform that empowers product-led companies to use product activity data to communicate with their customers efficiently and in a highly personalized way. Once you confirm the required product events in Inflection’s Product Data Explorer, our customers simply go to our next generation dynamic audience builder to qualify customers based on various product events and CRM information. 

In the above campaign, we are using ‘campaign_published’ as the initial trigger to build the campaign. The goal of that campaign is to encourage our new product users to explore the product even further using a celebration email for their milestone achievement. 

This campaign will qualify users who published their first campaign in our platform and send them a congratulations email from the associated Salesforce Account’s owner. Also, based on their further product activities, we can send other emails to encourage product usage. This personalized experience encourages users to explore the product further and makes them feel delighted. 

Personalized milestone emails delivered at the right time are one of the best ways to mitigate churn. In that communication, you can show them appreciation, give them reasons to stick with your product, help them at tricky turns, and celebrate their wins. You can earn their loyalty on top of slaying churn.

As we continue to develop and enhance our platform, stay tuned for more updates and advanced features that will further enhance your productivity and efficiency.

Ready to explore the Product Data Explorer? Request a demo today to get a personalized demo of all the new features we just shipped.  

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