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Introducing Salesforce Accounts in to Power Account-based Marketing Workflows

Dave Rigotti
June 22, 2023

We are thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to Inflection - the introduction of Salesforce Accounts support. This exciting new feature allows seamless integration between Inflection and Salesforce, enabling automatic synchronization of Account objects and associated fields and the ability to use Account data in building audiences and personalization. 

This integration enables you to identify/qualify PQAs and communicate effectively with them to increase free-to-paid conversion, account expansion, etc. Also, your workflows become more streamlined, ensuring that you have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips all in one place. 

The Power of Account Synchronization

With Salesforce Accounts support, every Account created in Salesforce will be automatically mirrored in Inflection. This means as soon as a new Account is created in Salesforce, it will automatically sync with Inflection, including all associated members and mapped fields.

Our audience builder now supports Salesforce Account fields, so you can easily narrow down your product users based on their key Account parameters (eg; company size, country, ICP status, etc.) too. In short, this powerful integration helps you build account-based marketing campaigns in Inflection backed by product activity data.

Building Account-Based Marketing Campaigns in Inflection

As mentioned above, you can leverage the synced data to create targeted product activity based campaigns to engage and convert key accounts and to facilitate organization-wide adoption and expansion. Let me show you how to do it using an example: 

In this campaign, I’ve used the product signup event as the starting trigger and used our ‘Branch by filter’ function to filter the newly signed up users based on associated Account’s employee count and ICP (ideal customer profile) status.  

As you can see in the above screenshot, the audience of this campaign are our new signups whose associated Account matches our ICP criteria. We use a custom field named ‘Target Account’ in Salesforce to identify potential ICP Accounts. 

The next flow step filters the users as branches based on the associated Account’s ‘Number of employees’ field. Then, I set up an internal email alert to the corresponding Salesforce Account owner to notify them whenever a Target Account with more than 100 employees in their organization signs up for our product. So that the respective Account owner can reach out to them if and when needed.

Now the new users get a personalized welcome email curated based on the conditions they meet.. Also, I included a webhook to create a support ticket with Account owner if any of the Target Account users doesn’t authenticate their email sending domain within 3 days after joining. This helps us to help our ICP users if they are stuck at any point. 

As you can see in the screenshot, Target Accounts with less than 100 employees and more than 100 employees get further emails if they successfully authenticate their email sending domain. This campaign extends to multiple levels and it covers all possible aspects of product-led user onboarding. 

Also, in the user emails, I used the Salesforce Account owner as email sender and also included the corresponding Account owner’s meeting booking link in the email copy using tokens

This way, whenever someone signs up to our product, they will receive a personalized welcome email from their Account owner along with the Account owner’s direct meeting booking link. New users now can easily contact the Account owner to ask questions and discuss any other product-related issues right from the welcome email itself. Also, all other user communications are personalized like this. 

With this campaign, I can ensure that our ICP users are getting the most attention from the sales/success teams. Also, both categories of users receive personalized emails to welcome them to the product along with relevant resources and meeting booking links. 

This is just one use case of account-based personalization campaigns using Salesforce Accounts. Request a demo today to learn more about building more advanced campaigns to better convert your free users to paid. 

How Salesforce Accounts Sync Works in Inflection

Getting started with Salesforce Accounts in Inflection is easy and it doesn’t involve any complex setup process.

You can simply enable Accounts sync feature while you are setting up your Salesforce connection and customize the fields to sync between Inflection and Salesforce. The auto-mapping feature saves you a lot of time while setting up the Account syncing, it automatically maps all matching fields instantly. 

Additionally, you have the option to add any custom fields you want to sync from Salesforce Account object to Inflection. Also, if you want more control over the data flow, you have the option to manually enable and disable the Account syncing at any time in the connection settings. Paired with the selective syncing functionality, you get the full control over what to sync between Inflection and Salesforce. 

Account Fields and Customizing Field Mapping

The ‘Account Fields’ tab on individual Account pages display all the fields and values synced from Salesforce. It includes the default fields such as Account name, Website, and Account owner. In addition to the default Account fields synced from Salesforce, you can also manually create custom fields in Inflection and map them to the respective custom Account fields, which will also appear here. 

With this synchronized data, you can be confident that you're working with the most accurate and up-to-date information available for your specific needs. 

Account Members

The Account Members section presents a comprehensive list of all the leads or contacts associated with the Account. By listing the Account Members like this, Inflection enables you to quickly access and review the individuals connected to a specific Account at any time. 

How Inflection Salesforce Accounts Integration Helps to Accelerate Product-Led Growth

1. Better User Activity Tracking: With Salesforce Accounts support, you can associate these user activities with specific Accounts in Salesforce, providing valuable insights into Account-level product adoption and usage patterns.

2. Account-Level Targeted Onboarding and Adoption Campaigns: This integration helps you identify Accounts with low product engagement and high churn risk and design targeted campaigns to educate and guide them toward realizing the full value of your product. For example, you can send personalized emails to key stakeholders within an Account when certain adoption milestones are achieved, fostering stronger relationships and encouraging product adoption across the organization.

3. Product Upsells and Expansion Opportunities: By combining Account data from Salesforce with user activity data, you can identify potential upsell and expansion opportunities. With SFDC Accounts Support, you can associate these opportunities with specific Accounts, enabling sales teams to proactively engage with Account owners and initiate targeted upsell conversations. All you have to do is set up an internal alert campaign for your sales team to notify them when an Account gets qualified for this. Or, you can also set up automated emails for this. 

4. Account Churn Prediction and Prevention: You can set up automated campaigns to alert your customer success team when the user activity drops below a certain threshold or when specific engagement indicators signal a potential churn risk. Customer success teams can then take proactive measures to intervene, address issues, and retain at-risk Accounts. You can even set up automated QBR campaigns for these Accounts. 

5. Increase Customer Satisfaction and Retention: When members in an Account reach a specific milestone or demonstrate high engagement, you can send automated emails to congratulate and encourage further product usage. These automated campaigns ensure consistent and timely customer success touchpoints, leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention.

We are excited to introduce support to SFDC Accounts in Inflection, empowering you with a seamless connection between your Salesforce and Inflection Accounts. It enables Account-level opportunity identification and provides access to both Account data and product activity data at the same time to market to them at scale.

As we continue to develop and enhance our platform, stay tuned for more updates and advanced features that will further enhance your productivity and efficiency.

Request a demo today to see how the integration between Inflection and Salesforce can unlock new possibilities for your PLG business and to learn about all the new features available in Inflection.

We showcased the new Inflection with all the above mentioned features, watch the recording here.

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