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Tips For Using Formstack For Marketing Automation

Usha Vadapalli
May 9, 2024 recently announced support for Formstack, a versatile custom online form builder. This combination enables seamless data transfer from Formstack forms to Inflection, allowing marketers like me and you, to consolidate lead information and orchestrate targeted campaigns efficiently.

In this article, we'll explore some of the best practices for leveraging Formstack with Inflection to enhance your marketing automation capabilities and streamline lead management.

Best Practices for Using Formstack with Inflection

Automated Lead Capture and Segmentation

With Formstack seamlessly integrated into Inflection, you gain the ability to automatically gather and structure lead information.

Let’s say, you just published the latest version of a report that was a hot favorite last year. You can build a highly targeted campaign tailored to cold leads who downloaded it the last time. This opens up new avenues to further nurturing and conversions.  

You can apply this best practice to deliver industry-specific messaging or content aligned with the leads’ expressed interests, maximizing engagement and conversion rates.

Selective Sync to Salesforce for Qualified Leads

Not all leads are created equal, and syncing every form submission to your CRMs like Salesforce can overwhelm your sales pipeline. Inflection’s powerful combo with Formstack empowers you to implement selective syncing rules.

This ensures that only qualified leads meeting predefined criteria, such as high lead scores or specific engagement behaviors, are seamlessly synced to Salesforce for targeted follow-up.

For example, if you are offering a free trial of your product, you can qualify a lead’s intent by adding up the score for watching a demo video, signing up for a product workshop, posting on the community page, etc. With Inflection's selective sync feature, you can set up such rules to automatically push leads to Salesforce only if they meet specific criteria.

You can set up personalized prompt follow-ups to qualified leads that sync to Salesforce, maximizing the chances of conversion while reducing manual workload and avoiding clutter in your CRM.

Inflection with Formstack can streamline your sales processes by focusing efforts on leads with the highest potential to convert, maximizing efficiency and results.

You can also,

  • Enhance your marketing game scoring with a comprehensive lead scoring model that combines form and product activity data
  • Prioritize follow-up based on lead behaviors and engagement levels, optimizing sales efforts and improving conversion rates.
  • Use feedback forms to gather insights into user preferences and pain points as part of their product experience. Leverage Inflection to deliver personalized onboarding, product adoption, and engagement campaigns tailored to users’  and account’s needs and interests, driving increased product adoption and customer satisfaction.

How to Connect Inflection and Formstack

You can leverage the powerful integration of Formstack with Inflection by following these straightforward steps. You start by logging in to the Inflection app and selecting Formstack as the provider.

  • Copy the URL and shared key from Inflection.
  • Go to the form builder on Formstack, go to Advanced Settings, and paste the URL and shared key.
  • Map the fields on the form to the fields on Inflection. Here, you get a choice to choose the contact property (like company address, form submission status, etc.) that has to be mapped. And, also choose if the field gets "Update if empty" or "Always Overwrite" as required. Set your mapping and sync rules as per your requirements.
  • You’ll be prompted to try a test submission so you can see that the connection is working.
  • You can even monitor the connection health to troubleshoot and address any issues that may arise during data transfer.

Connecting Inflection and Formstack is as easy as copy+pasting. No dependency on the Engineering or Ops to set up your connections and mapping.

Turbo-charging Marketing to Leads and Customers

Embracing data-driven strategies and optimizing marketing automation is now more accessible than ever with Inflection and Formstack.

Automatically gather and categorize leads, personalize follow-up communications tailored to each lead's unique profile, and maximize campaign effectiveness. All without overwhelming your CRM. Unlock the full potential of your marketing automation with minimal or no dependency on technical expertise. is brought to you by former Marketo executives who had the insight for a modern marketing automation solution that is scalable and includes product data as a first-class citizen. Inflection is designed to speed up user onboarding, increase product usage, and boost your revenue & pipeline. Request a demo today.

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