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Download now! Announces Webflow and Formstack Forms Support

Usha Vadapalli
February 6, 2024

If you are already using Webflow or Formstack for your website forms, we have some exciting news for you. Inflection can now integrate directly with these platforms, improving your ability to communicate both leads and product users/customers from the same place.

Inflection already combines data from your product through tools like Segment and Snowflake, your Salesforce instance, and now from form fills. Communicating with your leads and customers from the same marketing automation platform is a powerful combination and our longstanding vision at Inflection. This release brings it further to reality.

For example, you can use Webflow or Formstack forms to capture contact information from content downloads, push those contacts to Inflection and run campaigns like:

  • Send the ebook to the contact
  • Push to Salesforce or wait to push until selective sync rules are met
  • Build audiences & journeys based on both prospect and customer interactions

Integrating Forms on Inflection

Integrating your forms with Inflection does not require an engineer. It is as easy as copy and paste. Select Webflow or Formstack forms, and follow the prompts and you’re done in about 5 minutes.

This is more than just getting contacts into Inflection. Our proactive system ensures that you stay informed about any potential hiccups allowing you to address and rectify issues promptly for an uninterrupted flow of leads through your system. Error reports and warnings can include field type mismatches, invalid emails or fields, missing mandatory fields, security key missing, field mapping failures, and more so you can monitor your forms with confidence. is brought to you by former Marketo executives who had the insight for a modern marketing automation solution that is scalable and includes product data as a first class citizen. Inflection is designed to speed up user onboarding, increase product usage, and boost your revenue & pipeline. Request a demo today to learn more about how companies like Elastic, Sauce Labs, Sendoso, Nylas, and Formstack are accelerating growth with Inflection.

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