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Download now! Announces Salesforce Campaign Support To Bring ROI To Customer Marketing

Dave Rigotti
May 30, 2024

We’re super excited to announce that Inflection now supports Salesforce Campaigns. If you are a marketer using Salesforce Campaigns this integration is set to level-up the way you manage, track, and optimize your marketing efforts.

Here’s how:

You can build and run marketing campaigns informed by your contacts’ and customers’ product and marketing activity events on Inflection effortlessly. These automated journeys get inputs from your data warehouse like Snowflake, CDP like Segment, and CRM like Salesforce. Now, the latest addition to our Salesforce integrations can update the Campaign Member Status field in your SFDC instance. This means you know how a contact or customer reacted to a previously sent email, webinar campaign, even product actions.  

Let me explain with some examples.

Drive Product Adoption and Measure the ROI

You just released a new feature and want to drive up adoption and finally see the pipeline it influenced. It is as easy as it sounds to set up a journey to achieve this via Inflection and Salesforce Campaigns.

First, we set up an email to promote the new feature. Then, we add a delay of 5 days to add an automated waiting period before measuring the response.

We then filter out everyone who clicks and interacts with the new feature, say, an AI copilot via the email.

And, finally add them to the Salesforce Campaign.

Then report back a month later with how many opportunities and how much pipeline it influenced.

Webinar Campaign

Let’s say you ran an email campaign to invite qualified leads to a live product demo webinar. Post-webinar, you can upload the list of attendees and filter out the leads who attended after registering from your email campaign.

All this can be done using the ‘Branch by filter’ option on Inflection.

Select Add to Salesforce campaign as the next flow step in the journey and change the campaign member status to Responded. Now, your sales team knows whom to follow up with after the webinar and whom to send the recording to based on their Campaign Member Status in a particular Salesforce campaign.

Apart from measuring marketing ROI, this new addition to Inflection’s Salesforce capabilities, you can streamline follow-ups by the sales team.

A Better Nudge to Upgrade

Another example could be running an expansion campaign targeting existing customers. Inflection can update the campaign member status as customers engage with your email and click on the upgrade link.

You can set up a journey in Inflection that, upon detecting a specific link’s click, changes their Campaign Member Status to Interested - a custom status to indicate someone showing interest but has not upgraded yet.

This allows your sales team to focus their efforts on timely and relevant follow-ups with contacts and customers at any lifecycle stage.

To Wrap up

If your team lives in Salesforce, a holistic view of customer interactions is within your reach with Inflection. That means more efficient and cohesive contact and customer communication for much better results like conversions from free to paid accounts, product engagement, and upselling.

Not only marketing, but your entire team can execute campaigns like explained in the examples and more using person + organizational level data of contact along with their product and marketing activities. All this while having a clear view of how the contact responded to a previous campaign. To execute workflows like these, all you need is a Salesforce integration with Inflection.

Inflection and Salesforce integration have the potential to transform your marketing efforts, providing the tools and insights needed to drive success. Request a demo to see it.

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