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Download now! Releases Support for 1:Many and Many:Many Product Users

Dave Rigotti
June 4, 2024

We are thrilled to announce a powerful enhancement to Inflection's capabilities: the addition of user and org properties in our dynamic list feature. Inflection already has the dynamic list feature to segment audiences based on product and marketing activities. The new addition kicks things up a few notches. Now, you can add a deeper level of personalization to your journeys with user and organizational properties too.  

Let me explain this with some examples.

Targeted Upselling Campaigns

Consider a use case where you want to design an upselling campaign targeting customers on the Team plan. The user and org properties in the dynamic list enable you to segment the right audience for an upsell offer, the buyers in the account.

Inflection makes this possible by supporting 1:many, many:many, and contact:user relationships natively. For example, if has multiple accounts in your app (across multiple orgs/workspaces) and you can target John Doe the contact or John Doe the user with this functionality.

You can further personalize this campaign to communicate more relevant messages to your customers based on their team size, company revenue, product engagement levels, and the list goes on.

The screenshot here shows an example of a personalized approach based on the team size. The AE is informed about the customers with larger team sizes who are qualified for the offer, for a more white-glove experience.

Tiered Feature Adoption Campaigns

Similarly, you can run a tiered feature adoption campaign for more engaged or power users in the basic plans to encourage them to try out gated features for free - for a limited time.

Inflection makes it easy to create sophisticated journeys with multiple levels of customization. With Inflection’s enhanced dynamic list feature, you can:

Segment Leads and Users: Seamlessly organize and categorize your contacts based on their individual attributes and roles within their organizations.

Enhance Targeting: Tailor your messaging and campaigns with precision, considering both user-specific behaviors and broader organizational contexts.

Enable Advanced Journeys: Create dynamic workflows that adapt to each contact's unique journey across multiple workspaces and roles.

Cross-Sell Campaigns Across Workspaces: Identify opportunities for cross-selling additional products or services based on users' roles and interactions across multiple workspaces. User and org properties in the dynamic list can help tailor cross-selling campaigns with an understanding of the needs of customers across org/teams/departments in the same account.

This level of personalization and segmentation empowers go-to-market teams to optimize conversion rates, drive user engagement, and maximize revenue growth by delivering highly relevant and targeted campaigns to their audience.

To Summarize

By leveraging user and organizational data at multiple levels, you can effectively engage users and customers with relevant messaging and offers tailored to their unique needs and usage patterns, ultimately maximizing conversion and expansion.

Check out how Inflection can revolutionize your marketing strategies and accelerate your growth objectives. Request a demo.

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