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Announcing Additions To Email Audience Building: Inflection’s Marketing Activities

Dave Rigotti
September 27, 2022

Building the right audience is crucial to ensure your communication is impactful. Applying filters to a list not only based on their profile properties but also based on their marketing activities is necessary to ensure that your customer doesn’t end up unintentionally ghosted or annoyed with too many email blasts and also significantly improved workflows for our customers.

We are rolling out our latest feature to build dynamic lists: segmentation based on marketing activities within Inflection.

Building Advanced Segmentation with Marketing Activities

We’ve already shown how to build audience segmentation with CRM and product activity data, now let’s look at the new marketing activities capabilities.

  1. Select your list criteria from the drop-down menu.
  • Qualified for campaign: Recipients who qualified for a previously run campaign.

    For example, you can use this segmenting criterion to send a quarterly product workshop invitation to old and new users.
  • Emails delivered for campaign: Recipients of emails from a campaign.

    Send follow-up emails to only the contacts that received the original campaign, for example, an event reminder.
  • Emails blocked (not sent) from campaign: Recipients who were not sent emails from the campaign.

    You can attempt sending the email again to this list of contacts.
  • Emails bounced: List of bounced email contacts.

    You can clean up your contact database.
  • Spam reported: Recipients who reported spam in the given campaign or timeframe.

    Listing contacts who reported spam can help you analyze campaign performance.
  • Unsubscribed: Recipients who unsubscribed in the given campaign or timeframe.

    Analyze and optimize your email campaigns that were unsubscribed to the most.
  • Opened emails from campaign: List of recipients who opened an email at least once from a campaign in a timeframe.

    You can segment contacts who opened emails, say, from your new feature announcement campaign to qualify them for a limited time free access to the gated feature.
  • Clicked on link: List of recipients who clicked on a link at least once from a campaign in a timeframe.

    Make a smaller segment of contacts from your campaign recipients who clicked on a link, such as sending out more information like the webinar reminder
  1. Each filter gives you options to select the campaign and time frame.
  1. You can further drill down the list to pick the frequency range of campaign receipts.
  1. See a preview of the dynamic list and you are ready to create the campaign flow.

What Happens Next?

The actions you perform once the dynamic list is set up is entirely up to you. You can

  • target audience that was part of a campaign. For example, sending a survey to the list of customers 14 days after the welcome email is delivered.
  • make a static list of the audience for further action. For example, make a list of suppression for contacts who already registered for your webinar from your webinar registration campaign.
  • create an internal alert for your teams to be notified. For example, sending an alert to the customer success team when a customer clicks on the upgrade link.

There can be many more ways you can build and use dynamic lists based on marketing activities based on your business use case.

Why Inflection?

Inflection is the only purpose-built marketing automation solution for product-led growth companies. Your customer communication can be better and rich with context with the mix of product and CRM data. Inflection makes this possible by unifying person, account, and product data to show you a single view of your customer.

Adding marketing activities as an option in audience segmentation lets our customers easily build workflows and communications that drive adoption, revenue, and sales pipeline. - Dave Rigotti, CEO,

Building an audience based on their actions adds another dimension to the customer profile that can give context to the communication. We built our dynamic list feature to help marketers get their campaigns delivered to the most relevant customers.

To find out more about audience building and see Inflection in action, request a demo.

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