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Announcing Internal Email Alerts: Your Alarm For Red Hot PQLs

Dave Rigotti
August 9, 2022

Figuring out the right product events that point at a hand raiser customer needs a lot of understanding and experimentation. You’ve spent an exorbitant amount of time identifying and refining your product qualified leads (PQLs). When (you read that right) are you approaching your red hot leads?

Being able to grab an opportunity as soon as it exists can be a game-changing advantage in a competitive industry. Perfect timing is super important for better conversions in sales and customer success.

Timing Is Everything

We know it’s important to quickly follow up with prospects and customers.

Your SDR reaches out to an admin user just as they added a colleague to their team account. Your SDR suggests expanding your customer’s account to the Team+ plan to facilitate uninterrupted use of your product by their growing team and adds a helpful self-serve upgrade link for the admin user.

Your SDR reached out at the right time because they got an internal alert like this:

With Inflection, you have the advantage of your customer’s context, in this case, their growing team. And, you can automate your customer emails at scale that still feels like 1:1 communication.

Here’s one more scenario.

Your success team knows that using an advanced feature X, gets your customers to their aha moment quickly.

Imagine a CSM sends an email to a customer on the basic plan with a personalized link to try out the new feature for a limited time. The obvious question here is, how does the CSM know which customer to reach out to?

Inflection’s internal email alerts can notify your team in near real-time when a product hand-raising event happens. So, the CSM gets an email like this:

Knowing that a customer tried accessing a gated advanced feature allows qualifying a lead better for upselling. Once the customer realizes value from the advanced feature, deciding to upgrade becomes easy.

The underlying theme in these scenarios is knowing when the user raises their hand - a.ka. As soon as they become your PQL.

These are but a couple of scenarios where your sales and success teams can leverage timing and context for business growth. There are many possible business outcomes when your team gets notified of a PQL as soon as they raise a hand, like driving sales, account expansions, up and cross-selling; supporting product champions, building brand affinity, and the list goes on.

Being at the right place at the right time to seize an opportunity does not depend on luck. If you are in marketing at a product-led company, you can automate “right place, right time” at scale and add a dash of the right context to improve your success rate with Inflection.

Introducing ‘Internal email alerts’ on Inflection. Here’s how you can set up an internal alert

  1. Identify and define your PQLs / internal alert. For example, a consistent increase in product activity beyond a threshold in the last month.
  1. Create an email template for the internal alert. You can also use custom tokens to empower your internal email recipient with complete information about your customer’s product activity.
  1. Enter the email addresses or aliases of stakeholders you want to send the automated alert to, separated by commas. You can also insert a token to automate the email blast to the contact property that has your internal recipients’ email address.

What happens after your team gets the internal email alert notifying them of the product-qualified lead is entirely up to them. Strategize on what the next appropriate step is for each scenario.

You can, however, choose to automate a templatized response email, add a delay before the next email, or save the PQLs to a static list with Inflection.

The Inflection Advantage

Inflection is the only B2B marketing automation tool purpose-built for product-led companies. With Inflection, product-led marketing can engage customers in 1:1 conversations at scale that are supercharged with context.

"Following up quickly and intelligently with prospects and customers is key to growth. I've spent my career thinking about how to help BDRs/SDRs follow up with content downloads more efficiently, and I'm excited we can bring that same mindset and tools to product activity data and product-led companies."

- Dave Rigotti

Internal email alerts are a great feature in any marketing automation solution that helps you pass on important messages to your teams. With Inflection, you can set the triggers that are most valuable to your product-led growth — the product activity events that qualify your leads with high intent.

Inflection easily integrates with your product analytics platforms like Segment, data warehouses like Snowflake, and CRMs like Salesforce. Getting information in real-time from your chosen source of truth helps pursue an opportunity while it is still hot.

For more information on internal email alerts and to see Inflection in action, request a demo.

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