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Introducing Static Lists in Inflection to Maintain Contact Records That Are a Snapshot in Time

Dave Rigotti
July 12, 2022

We want to stay in touch with contacts accrued from events, ad campaigns, partner programs, and so on. In many such scenarios, marketers need to pick and choose the contact cohorts to communicate with. And the ask is simple - a feature to upload and maintain contact lists. We heard you!

Inflection is announcing ‘Static lists’ to make uploading and maintaining contacts that remain unchanged over a chosen time interval. Streamlining communication with these constant lists is as easy as it gets for product-led growth companies.

“Static lists are a critical piece of B2B marketing automation. We’re happy to add yet another arrow in our quiver as we build the world's best marketing automation solution for product-led companies. ” - Dave Rigotti

What Are Static Lists?

Simply put, a Static list is a snapshot in time of a list of people, unlike a constantly changing Dynamic list.

What better way to understand more about our latest feature than through use cases?

Scenario 1

You organized a workshop last month which had an amazing turnout. You want to stay in touch with the attendees after the hugely successful event. You can upload them as a list of contacts to Inflection to send them a batch campaign.

Uploading a static list

Static lists are perfect for sending email blasts that don’t run often, and for a cohort of contacts that don’t change, for example, workshop attendees in May, trade show visitors, employees who signed up for advanced training in 2021, and so on. Upload a list of email addresses, and voilà you are ready to go.

Scenario 2

From the massive pile of responses for beta testing your new feature, you want to give the controls to those who have extensively used existing features X and Y, in other words, your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) in this instance.

With Inflection’s Static lists, you can filter out the list of beta testers from their response to your survey and their product activity data. In the example shown below, a fellow marketer is making a cohort of customers who updated their online whiteboard 5 times and created workspaces in the past 3 months in addition to their interest in beta testing a new feature.

This gives you a list of contacts that fit your criteria and are captured to serve a use case limited to a stretch of time.  

Scenario 3

You organized a live interactive event and want to send a feedback link to the attendees. But, it doesn’t make sense to send the feedback survey to the registrants who didn’t show up. You can create a suppression list of contacts to whom you do not wish to send that email.

Another such scenario can be suppressing the list of employees who attended advanced training last year from receiving the application invites for the next batch. This is one more use case where a dynamic list is not needed.

Suppression lists can also be dynamic in most use cases like a list of your competitors. But, some scenarios like the above need an unchanging list. Static lists in Inflection are the simple solution to create such records.

What Can You Do With Static Lists?

Inflection’s Static lists feature lets you upload email contacts and can segment a list of your existing customers if they check the qualification boxes. With a unified view of the product, person, and account data of your users, Inflection can show you a single view of each customer. You can have wholesome conversations with your customers at scale with a clear understanding of their context.

Broadly, you can use Static lists to achieve three kinds of use cases.  You can create Static lists in two ways.

  1. Upload a CSV file of contacts and send them a one-time email blast as in the first scenario above.
  1. You can create a static list from the contacts already in your database. Choose the product, person, and account properties of relevance in a dynamic list and save the filtered contacts as a static list, as illustrated in the second scenario.
  1. You can create a suppression list of uploaded or existing contacts that don’t dynamically change to prevent them from receiving certain emails.

In any of these cases, your action item need not be launching a batch campaign after creating the static list. You can save the list for further investigation, add or remove contacts from a list, or even create an automated drip campaign to nurture the leads. Stay tuned to find out more about campaign flows and more feature announcements.

The Inflection Advantage

Importing contact cohorts is seemingly a simple feature offered by any marketing tool that supports sending emails. is the only B2B marketing automation platform purpose-built for product-led companies. Unlike legacy marketing automation tools like Marketo, Inflection supports the exploding top-of-the-funnel product-led growth companies. We support up to 100 million contacts and thousands of product activity events.

To find out more about how Inflection can help you drive more growth PLG business, request a demo.

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