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Are PLG Vendors PLG? Here’s What We Found + More Insights

Usha Vadapalli
October 27, 2022

Product-led growth is a truly inclusive concept of GTM strategies. You can choose pure PLG go-to-market strategies like freemium and free trial or sales-assisted product-led motion, or even cook up a hybrid model unique for your business. Everyone does it a little differently but the end goal is “growth”.

Different ways of implementing the PLG strategy means each of us has different needs for tools that help us succeed. Our tech stacks are varied depending on the purpose and our flavor of product-led growth.

So, we started putting together a PLG tech landscape to help you build your own tech stack.

This year’s edition has 108% more vendors than last year only to prove the point of the varied needs of PLG companies.

  • Not all of the 47 vendors in 11 categories are product-led themselves but nearly half of them have a product-led motion along with sales-led GTM.
  • You can easily sign up online for a free trial or freemium version of most of the vendors.
  • A majority (34%) of the PLG vendors are Scaled (>1000 EE).
  • 46 out of the 47 vendors registered positive year-on-year employee growth. Census had the highest employee growth of 250% in the past year.
  • Only half of the vendors have transparent pricing available on their websites.
  • Inflection and HubSpot have offerings in 3 out of 11 categories — the highest among the listed vendors.
  • All the ETL and reverse ETL tools in the list  have transparent pricing and a self-serve offering.
  • All of the data warehouse vendors are sales-led.

We built a martech stack very recently and know how overwhelming it could get, especially in this economy. We compared vendors in each category based on their GTM motion, pricing transparency, and website sign-up (free trial or freemium) to help you shortlist the right ones. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect from the vendors

  1. Product tracking tools
  1. In-product
  1. Marketing automation
  1. Data enrichment
  1. Customer communication
  1. ETL and Reverse ETL
  1. Selection/Prioritization tools
  1. CRM tools
  1. Human email tools
  1. Product analytics
  1. Data warehouse

If you want to find out more about each of the categories, their market share, and the vendors in each space, download the Product-Led Growth Vendor Landscape for 2022 ebook here.

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