Product-Led Growth Vendor Landscape 2022: The Ultimate Map for Building a PLG Tech Stack

This guide explains 11 categories of PLG vendors with examples to help you build your PLG tech stack.
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In this ebook

11 categories and around 50 vendors
This year, we have witnessed many more new tools coming to the market to support companies running PLG motion. We included new categories in this guide for you to pick the right tools for all your needs. Here's what to expect in our latest and more expansive list

Product tracking tools
In-product tools
Marketing automation tools
Data enrichment tools
Customer communication tools
ETL and Reverse ETL tools
Selection/prioritization tools
CRM tools
Human email tools
Product analytics tools
Data warehouse solutions

Insights from the industry leaders from top PLG vendor companies

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“In our line of work, we often work with customers who have a bottoms-up/freemium model but are running something like HubSpot - which means they cannot scale/create product event-based emails & triggers because those tools are not designed for high-volume users. This leads to missed opportunities & bottlenecks for growth. The tech stack you use should "support" the company's GTM motion. The wrong tool is not only an opportunity cost but significant marketing debt that needs to be paid off as the company scales up.“

Kamil Rextin

General Manager - 42/Agency


From Dave Rigotti, CEO & Co-founder -

Product-led growth is a truly inclusive concept of GTM strategies. You can choose pure PLG go-to-market strategies like freemium and free trial or sales-assisted product-led motion, or even cook up a hybrid model unique for your business. Everyone does it a little differently but the end goal is “growth”.

Different ways of implementing the PLG strategy means each of us has different needs for tools that help us succeed. Our tech stacks are varied depending on the purpose and our flavor of product-led growth.

So, we started putting together a PLG tech landscape to help you build your own tech stack. This year’s edition has 108% more vendors than last year only to prove the point of the varied needs of PLG companies.