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Here’s Our Product-Led Growth Vendor Landscape for 2022 - Your Solution for Building an Ultimate PLG Tech Stack

Akhil G
September 6, 2022

Our 2022 edition of the product-led growth vendor landscape is out now. We all have seen an explosion of new tools in the market to help companies do product-led growth efficiently. As a result, now we have 108% more vendors than last year. So we decided to expand the categories and here’s what it looks like: 

Product Tracking Tools

All successful product-led growth companies heavily depend on product activity and event tracking. It helps the companies to efficiently track and analyze their product activities, and optimize their engagement strategies accordingly. This is the biggest category in our landscape as there are around 9 products available for product tracking in PLG. 

  1. Segment
  2. Amplitude
  3. Rudderstack 
  4. Heap
  5. Appcues
  6. Pendo
  7. Freshpaint
  8. Kissmetrics 
  9. Gainsight 

In-Product Tools

In-product tools are the tools used for enabling in-product experiences such as in-app guides, interactive product widgets, and tooltips. 

  1. Mutiny 
  2. Appcues
  3. Pendo
  4. Chameleon 
  5. Userflow
  6. Intercom 

Marketing Automation Tools 

Marketing automation is very important for any company as it helps in creating tailored and personalized marketing campaigns and automating them for various audience segments. There are some legacy marketing automation platforms such as Marketo and HubSpot, but they aren’t well optimized for product-led companies. As of now, Inflection is the only marketing automation tool purpose-built for product-led companies

  1. Inflection
  2. Marketo
  3. HubSpot

Data Enrichment Tools 

Data enrichment tools are the backbone of all ABM systems, CRM tools, and marketing automation platforms as they help in enhancing existing information by supplementing missing or incomplete data. However, the number of data enrichment tools available for product-led companies is very low. 

  1. Clearbit
  2. Zoominfo 

Customer Communication Tools 

Business growth and scalability are not possible in PLG without having an efficient customer communication process in place. It is necessary to communicate with customers through emails, live chats, and push notifications to keep them engaged and informed. 

  1. Inflection 
  3. Intercom
  4. Braze
  5. Iterable    

ETL and Reverse ETL Tools 

ETL and reverse ETL tools are used for extracting data from different sources such as marketing automation tools, CRMs, or sales tech tools; transform and load them to data warehouses and vice versa. Product-led companies have to deal with a ton load of data from different sources and product activity data. Here’re my picks for the top ETL and reverse ETL tools for PLG: 

  1. Segment 
  2. Fivetran
  3. Stitch 
  4. Census
  5. Hightouch  

Selection/Prioritization Tools

Selection or prioritization tools are used for selecting and prioritizing accounts based on the in-product signals. Here’re the top selection or prioritization tools for product-led growth: 

  1. Endgame
  2. Toplyne
  3. Variance
  4. HeadsUp
  5. Pocus
  6. Correlated 
  7. Inflection
  8. MadKudu 
  9. Calixa 

CRM Tools 

CRM tools are always in the limelight on a B2B tech stack and they are used for managing interactions with customers and potential customers. There are a huge number of CRM tools available out there but only a few of them are useful for product-led companies. 

  1. HubSpot CRM 
  2. Salesforce

Human Email Tools

One-to-one email communication helps in connecting with your potential and existing customers at the same time. Sales and marketing teams have been using human email for account based marketing in all industries. Here’re the human email tools useful for product-led companies: 

  1. Outreach
  2. Salesloft
  4. HubSpot CRM 

Product Analytics Tools

Product analytics tools are used for tracking, visualizing, and analyzing user engagement and behavior data. Product analytics is essential for enabling product-led growth motion and here’re the product analytics tools used by PLG companies:

  1. Mixpanel
  2. Amplitude
  3. Heap
  4. Metabase
  5. Tableau
  6. Power BI
  7. Looker 

Data Warehouses

Data warehouses are centralized systems for storing and managing data. In product-led growth, millions of different kinds of data flow from and to data warehouses all the time. So it is important to choose a data warehouse solution that can handle huge volumes. 

  1. Big Query
  2. Snowflake
  3. Redshift 
  4. Azure Synapse Analytics 

We hope this helps you build an efficient tech stack for your product-led company. You can now experience Inflection as an interactive product tour here

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