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Announcing Visual Email Creator: Easily Build PLG Emails That Drive Adoption, Revenue, and Pipeline

Dave Rigotti
September 15, 2022

Email marketing hasn’t lost its sheen in the PLG era. If you’ve worked in marketing you know how impactful a well-crafted email campaign can be. Email ROI still stands at $36 for every dollar spent.

A good email design can only add to the impact of your email with persuasive copy and tangible value for the reader. Structuring the email by using easy-to-scan blocks of content makes your email more reader-friendly for your audience. Engaging the user — that’s the ultimate goal, right?

You can now create emails with consistent brand elements and product-led content using our latest feature -  the Visual editor. The drag and drop editor is guaranteed to give you a smoother experience of building stunning emails, faster!

Drag and Drop to Build Emails

Inflection’s visual email editor is a WYSIWYG feature built to give you a no-code way of designing emails. Drag and drop the blocks you want in your email and start filling in the content. It is as easy as it sounds. See for yourself!

  1. Select the Visual editor option.
  1. Choose the blank template.
  1. Use text or custom tokens in your subject, send from and reply to fields.
  1. Drag and drop the content boxes as per the design you envisioned and save it.
  1. Voilà! Your email is ready to be deployed.

The editor comes with all the standard fittings marketing teams need to build responsive emails like the rich text editor, content blocks for images, animation, videos, buttons, social media icons, multi-column blocks, and an in-built image editor.

You can show or hide blocks of content to curate a better experience for both desktop and mobile users.

You can preview in dark and light modes for desktop and mobile, send test emails, and also export the email in HTML format.

You can create amazing campaigns for your product-led company, even faster with our carefully curated free templates. We are working on setting up an email template library in Inflection so you can pick an existing email design and edit it to suit your requirement.

If you already have a standard email template and don’t want to create the whole thing again, we have an easy solution for you too.

You just have to paste your email’s HTML code to Inflection and that’s it. You are good to go!

For all you tech-savvy marketers out there, this feature gives you the flexibility to code and customize your own dynamic emails in HTML.

Make Emails Product-Led

There’s another no-code (not even SQL) advantage Inflection adds. You can build custom tokens with our excel-style token editor. It works exactly as it sounds. You can write functions the same way as you would in an excel spreadsheet to personalize your emails. Not just the first name or job title, but to the extent of product activity events.  

The sample usage and syntax help you get the function you need without errors. You can also double-check with the instant validation feature.  

Don’t forget to analyze and optimize your emails over time.

How Inflection Can Help

Emails can be a powerful way to grow your product-led business. And Inflection can help you get there.

Being former Bizible, Marketo, and Adobe executives, the founding team of Inflection (Aaron Bird, Vic Davis, and myself) has front-row seats to the changes in the industry. Inflection is the only B2B marketing automation solution purpose-built to solve for the problems faced by product-led growth companies.

We built Inflection to drive adoption, expansions, and delightful engagements for your product users based on their new identity profile — a single view of the product, people, and account activity data.

Our audience had grown to trust the product and its capabilities more than the sales pitch. And, that’s what we need to showcase to our users and customers in all marketing campaigns — the value they get from the product. Driving the new-age marketing team in PLG companies requires purpose-built solutions like Inflection and a product mindset. - Dave Rigotti

To Wrap Up

The aesthetics of an email are not only pleasant to the eye but also make the user experience of consuming the email content easy. Use relevant product event data combined with the person and account information with Inflection to build hyper-personalized emails that present your customers with value realization on a silver platter.

Create beautiful and fully customized emails for your automated product-led growth campaigns, now faster with Inflection’s Visual editor. Request a demo to see Inflection in action.

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