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Announcing Campaign Reports to Analyze and Optimize PLG Email Campaign Performance

Dave Rigotti
July 7, 2022

Emails are easily automated and can showcase what customers value about your product to solve their pain points, and at scale! Emails can do this and more in a non-intrusive manner. No prizes for guessing. We LOVE emails! Our love of emails comes from a place of reason — the best ROI in marketing. Studies show that for every $1 you spend on email marketing in the SaaS industry, you get $36 in return!

The role of email as one of the most important channels of communication in B2B SaaS is undeniable, even in product-led growth motion. An email backed by hyper-contextualized product value metrics for each of your customers timed perfectly can help heighten product adoption, increase engagement, establish brand affinity, and drive revenue growth.

Product-Led Campaigns With Inflection

As a product-led marketer, you own the entire customer lifecycle. And, your email campaigns like all other activities in PLG must run with your end-user at the core. You can run different types of product-led campaigns for each lifecycle stage of your customer.

1. Celebrate your product user’s wins and encourage feature adoption relevant to their use case and current life cycle stage. Here are some sample emails with the goal of building product advocates.  

With Inflection, you can run customer success style user orchestration to build a sticky product and brand advocates.

2. With a frictionless self-serve motion, you can drive revenue through carefully curated campaigns. Use a proportionate mix of product activity, person, and account data to serve the relevant message.

The email content can show value before boosting product usage and consequently revenue for your product-led business.

3. Set up the right triggers for each lifecycle stage of your customers so the automated campaigns can act as your salesperson round the clock. Figure out a product-led scoring to qualify your leads and help your sales team identify leads with purchase intent and drive demo request campaigns tailored for your enterprise customers.

Figure out a product-led scoring to qualify your leads and help your sales team identify leads with purchase intent and drive demo request campaigns tailored for your enterprise customers.

4. Identify customers at the risk of churn and show them what they are missing out on. With your help, they will bump right back on track to realize more value.

Why Inflection?

If the email campaign ideas shared here seem like science fiction to you that’s because you have been using legacy marketing automation solutions built to support the sales-led motion.

Let me introduce you to Inflection - the only marketing automation solution purpose-built for the modern product-led growth business. These email campaigns are very practical with Inflection because we combine the product activity events, person, and account data to give you a single view of your customer.

We also built a no-code (not even SQL) excel style custom token editor to reduce dependency on data and engineering. With the custom token editor, you can design automated context-rich campaigns that look like 1:1 conversations with your customers at scale.

Analyzing and Optimizing Campaigns

You might be running campaigns to support your product-led marketing activities already. Analyzing and optimizing them is equally important for running successful campaigns.

Introducing ‘Campaign reports’ on Inflection. This feature gives you a unified view of how your emails are performing. You can analyze the entire campaign’s and each email’s performance up to an individual recipient level in Campaign reports.

The report gives you insights on all the basic deliverability (delivered emails, bounced emails, etc.) and engagement metrics (open and click rates, etc.). Let’s break down the sections in the Overview tab.

Delivery info gives you a glimpse of the overall performance of your campaign and a little more detailed view of opens and clicks.

Top links section shows you your best-performing link and the number of times it was clicked.

Email client shows you a comparative bar graph of opens and clicks in different email clients and browsers used to access your campaign emails.

Campaign history as the name suggests shows you the historical performance of your recurring or batch campaigns at the instances they were run.

Campaign Report at Recipient Level

You can see the complete list of recipients with individual tabs that show you the deliverability metrics — the opens, clicks with a preview of the links, bounced, unsent, unsubscribed, and spam reporters.

The campaign report at recipient level also populates the reason for the bounce and sending failure to help you keep a healthy list of contacts.  

“Emails are the most effective channel of marketing. Customers are running some amazing product-led marketing campaigns with Inflection. Not only that, we are launching the Campaign reports feature to help them analyze their performance from a campaign level to the recipient level. - Dave Rigotti.

To see the campaign reports in action, request a demo now. We are happy to share some more campaign ideas for product-led growth.

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