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What is Growth Automation and Why You Should Be Doing It

Usha Vadapalli
January 31, 2023

Growth automation enables a new way of thinking. It is a new category of marketing automation that helps product-led growth companies run PLG and enterprise sales motions cohesively for better results.

When it comes to “growth”, a lot of PLG companies tend to think of customer acquisition and customer expansion as two different funnels. One serves primarily for the ENT motion and the other for PLG motion. Operating mostly independently out of marketing automation software like Marketo and customer engagement software like Intercom.

When you are operating your ENT and PLG motions in silos, a few issues arise:

  • PLG is optimized for PLG only and is not optimized to support ENT sales.
  • Marketing optimizes for driving SQLs. Marketing does not optimize for onboarding and product engagement.
  • Customers are never just in one bucket and inevitably get hit with “nudge hell” from multiple platforms, such as 5 emails in one day.

In reality, these issues can be addressed by:

  • Optimizing PLG motion for both PLG and ENT.
  • Getting marketing to play a part in product onboarding and engagement.
  • Orchestrating a cohesive customer experience from your business.

These fixes are made simple with a growth automation platform. Because ideally a growth automation vendor supports ingesting product data and customer engagement use cases.

Growth automation helps product-led companies run both ENT and PLG motions out of one system to get a much more comprehensive view of the prospects and customers.

You start to understand overall communication sent to your customers and can orchestrate the campaigns by priority. You can now finally send the right message and the right time. To crystalize, you start to run a much better business.

Primarily conceptualized for product-led companies, growth automation helps companies flip the script on GTM and expansions. can help you automate growth so you can run both PLG and ENT motions for better revenue opportunities. See a demo.

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