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Bringing Usage-Based Pricing to B2B Marketing Automation

Dave Rigotti
June 30, 2022

It seems odd to announce SaaS pricing, but what’s even more puzzling is why legacy B2B marketing automation vendors like HubSpot or Marketo charge you for contacts even if you aren’t marketing to them. 

In just about every product-led company, the marketing operations team needs to stay under a “contact limit” per their contract or pay insane amounts to house all their contacts, so they are constantly deleting contacts as they grow. Losing valuable history and worse, wasting immense time on menial work that should be used much more valuable. We’ve talked to some companies where this task - figuring out which contacts to delete and deleting them - is ¼ of someone's job.

It just doesn’t make sense. So, we decided to do something about it.

We’re happy to share that is the only B2B marketing automation solution with usage-based pricing. It’s the most customer-friendly pricing of any B2B marketing automation solution.

“ is the only B2B marketing automation platform purpose-built for product-led growth companies. Based on our experience, we know that legacy platform pricing and packaging is problematic for product-led companies. We designed a model that fits with what PLG marketing teams are trying to do.”

Vic Davis, SVP Customer Experience at 

Unlike the other vendors in the space, we only charge for the number of contacts you are actually reaching out to every month, your Monthly Marketed Contacts (MMC). 

With our pricing model, you’ll:

  • Never have to delete contacts to stay under a ‘limit’
  • Never have to think about which contacts to delete for cost reasons
  • Never have to have workflows or manage campaigns to auto delete contacts for cost reasons
  • Never have to guess what more contacts will cost or wonder if the price you’re paying is fair - we have a public pricing page

Combine this with our scalable infrastructure in which Inflection can handle 100s of millions of contacts and billions of product activity events, and you have an incredibly powerful marketing automation product.

We offer three tiers of pricing for - Starter, Growth, and Enterprise - to support a wide range of companies, from Seed stage to Public

Inflection pricing tiers

Our pricing and packages are well optimized for product-led companies at any stage of their growth. Inflection supports companies with 10s of millions of contacts seamlessly and the pricing won’t drag you down from marketing to all of your users. Also, unlike legacy marketing automation products, you don’t have to delete your contacts in Inflection, because we only charge you for the contacts that you actually message.   

Check out the pricing page of Inflection and fill in the demo request form to experience the power of marketing automation 2.0. We can’t wait to show you the future of B2B marketing. 

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