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Product-Led… Everything?

Dave Rigotti
September 29, 2022

A few years ago I saw some of the best product marketing for SaaS products. Jon Miller had just left Marketo and was unveiling Engagio. While the ultimate outcome may not have been what they were hoping for, Engagio ran a masterclass in talking about a category.

Account-based marketing (ABM) was taking off. Everyone was talking about it. Jon and the Engagio team had the right insight — that account-based marketing is minimizing. ABM isn’t just marketing.

They shifted the market or category conversation from account-based marketing to ABE “account-based everything” and ABX “account-based experiences” — and guided people into their open arms.

Are we at this moment in product-led growth?

The Convergence

We see “product-led marketing” and “product-led sales” conversations. We see tools in each of the categories like Intercom, Pocus, or

It seems like the market is ready to think about “growth” more specifically.

It’s where Inflection is headed. We talk about being a “marketing automation” solution, but that’s probably not even the right term.

A unique attribute of teams in PLG organizations is the way their end goals align with each other and are product-centric. The “growth” is really a shared goal of the product, marketing, sales, support, and customer success teams. It just makes sense that a new-age tool is purpose-built for product-led growth to enhance the capabilities of all org teams.

I had a fun discussion on LinkedIn and asked my followers what we should be called, and got a wide range of answers:

What I loved most about the conversation is that folks are understanding and thinking about growth beyond the silos and understanding the product-led concept just like ABM. It really spans across the organization.

We’re certainly getting to “PLG automation” very quickly.

Here are some campaigns our customers are running with Inflection. We’ve seen

  • tons of great “marketing” campaigns ✅
  • campaigns to help the adoption/success team ✅ and
  • recently campaigns to support sales development and sales teams driving self-service revenue and also giving them guidance with our new internal alerts ✅ ✅

How Inflection Works

Inflection gives a single view of the customer by unifying their person, account, and product data. We built Inflection ground-up to solve for the challenges of product-led growth companies.

Our modern backend is tailored to support billions of product events and CRM activities for PLG level user volumes. We natively integrate product activity data from databases like Snowflake and Redshift and CDPs like Segment. With the upcoming launches of native CRM integrations and lead/account scoring, it’s a slam dunk. Our usage-based pricing model is also PLG-friendly.

Inflection is helping companies drive adoption, revenue expansion for both self-service and sales-led motions, and delightful product engagements. To learn more about Inflection and see how it works, request a demo.

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