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Introducing for Startups - Free B2B Marketing Automation for Startups Using Segment

Dave Rigotti
July 25, 2022

As a founder, I know how important growth is - our company is named 'Inflection' after all.  And, some of the best marketing you can do is converting and expanding your current customers and building a great relationship with them.

We built Inflection to help marketing teams do just this  through a modern B2B marketing automation platform purpose built for product-led growth, with product activity data at the center.

Today, I’m excited to announce Inflection for Startups, so now even the earliest startups can use Inflection, for FREE.

What is Inflection?

Inflection is a B2B marketing automation platform purpose-built for product-led growth. With Inflection, you can automate marketing campaigns at scale to engage your customers in a meaningful way. From onboarding, to adoption, to expansion, Inflection has you covered.

Inflection for Startups

I know first hand the tradeoffs you need to make at an early stage startup. The scrutiny around every dollar spent, and how it impacts runway. I believe that having a great relationship with your users and customers is something that can’t wait until you can afford it, so we're going to make the decision easy for you. You can now get Inflection for free.

If you qualify for Inflection for Startups, you get:

  • 10,000 monthly marketed contacts FREE for one year
  • Growth plan platform FREE for one year
  • Onboarding FREE

We’ve got your back even as you scale and graduate from the program. We’re the only B2B marketing automation product on the market that does usage-based pricing. We charge only for the contacts you actually email.

How to Qualify?

You can qualify this special startup plan if you are

  1. Incorporated within the last 3 years and
  2. Less than $5M in funding and
  3. Using Segment to track product activity

If you meet the above criteria, you can apply for the program on the Demo page.

We have limited capacity for these free accounts and only onboard 2 per month. If you’re interested, please apply quickly.

You can also learn more about the product in an upcoming webinar:

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