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Announcing and Twilio Segment Integration, for Product Activity-Based B2B Marketing Automation

Dave Rigotti
May 24, 2022

Inflection is the only B2B marketing automation platform purpose-built for product-led growth. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve made it even easier for marketing teams to harness the power of building marketing campaigns with product-activities’ data. We’ve launched a direct integration with Twilio Segment.

If you are a Twilio Segment user, integrating with Inflection can help you deliver tailored marketing campaigns across the customer lifecycle with an audience and token builder built for product-led growth - including supporting your sales-led motion.

Why Inflection?

Inflection is founded by former Bizible, Marketo, and Adobe executives. We’ve been part of the industry as the tides turned from inbound and outbound, and now to product. The paradigm shift to the product-led growth era is undeniable now. And, the new age PLG companies need innovative solutions built for their requirements.

We built Inflection to drive adoption, expansions, and delightful engagements for your product users based on their new identity profile - a wholesome view of the product, people, and account activity data.

Now that Inflection has a direct connection to Twilio Segment, your product events can be first-class data for email segmentation and personalization. The data streaming from Twilio Segment to Inflection lets you run emails based on live action/events. You can get a single view of the customer across Twilio Segment and CRM with Inflection's unified identity profile.

Why Are We Excited About Inflection and Twilio Segment Integration?

With Inflection, you can automate personalized communication and meaningful engagement with your customers at scale. To put it in perspective, consider these use cases.

  1. Increase user engagement by sending them insights into their team’s product usage. Imagine being able to remind them of the value they are getting from your product and maybe even ways to get more.
  2. Keep tabs on growing team and enterprise accounts. Send your customers timely emails to notify them of their growing needs beyond the current pricing package. Drive those upsells and cross-sells based on actionable insights.

  3. Touch base with your not-so-active users to remind them of the value they are missing out on.  

Inflection gives you the unified identity profile of your customer - a single view of the customer’s product, people, and account activity data to realize these use cases. Move beyond personalization to contextualize your customer communication across the life cycle for a meaningful engagement.

With Inflection and Twilio Segment integration, unleash the combined power of data and context. You can set product-led marketing automation in motion fueled by a real-time data stream of product events and CRM data. Read more about the integration on Twilio Segment's integrations catalog.

To connect with your customers at scale for meaningful conversations, see Inflection in action.

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