PLG Motions Framework: The 3 Product-Led Motions
Download now! spins out of Pienza, raises $1.3M

Dave Rigotti
November 10, 2021

I’m happy to announce that has formally spun out Pienza and raised $1.3M in pre-seed funding!

We’re still being very private about what we’ve built, other than to say it’s a B2B marketing technology solution for companies who have a product-led growth motion. 

While product-led growth is not new, many marketing teams are trying to adapt marketing technology products that were built for a sales-only motion. We’re changing that with a purpose built solution for product-led growth. Additionally, we’ve found that marketing teams are building a product-led motion for the first time, which is why we launched ProductLed.Marketing.

To help us achieve our vision, we’re hired 15 amazing employees, mostly in engineering, and are looking to greatly increase headcount, with numerous open roles in Seattle and India. 

If you’re in marketing at a product-led company, you can request more information about Inflection from the homepage.

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