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Here’s Why You Should Attend Blastoff! A Product-Led Growth Conference

Akhil G
October 8, 2021

The clock is ticking! Yes we are just 12 days away from the much awaited product-led growth conference - Blastoff! We are already witnessing a tremendous amount of responses for this event in our social media channels and ProductLed.Marketing community. Yes, everyone is excited like you. 

However, there are numerous virtual events and conferences happening every day globally and you need to know why you should dedicate your time for Blastoff! Here are the four promising reasons why you should block your calendar for Blastoff! 

1. More Than 15 Elite Speakers 

As announced, we have more than 15 speakers ready to present their product-led growth stories and insights. This includes some of the top brands in PLG represented - like MURAL and Hootsuite, top vendors speaking like Amplitude and Heap, and some special sessions from Michelle Ngome, Megan Heuer from Winning by Design, and Kyle Poyar from OpenView.

They are super resourceful and will certainly inspire you to achieve success with product-led marketing strategies. What more do you need? 

2. Be a Part of the Product-Led Marketing Community 

Not only the 15+ speakers list, you are going to be a part of a rapidly growing product-led marketing community. The ProductLed.Marketing community has more than 500 active members and the numbers are increasing every day. It includes the well known experts and PLG gurus in the industry. You will get the chance to engage in conversations with them and discuss anything on PLG. 

You will find a lot of conversations and posts in the community every day, and it will provide you with new ideas, growth strategies, and guidance for product-led growth. Also, you can post your wins, ask for help, share an idea, or just network with the experts. 

3. Free and Virtual 

Our speaker lineup includes reputed marketers and business leaders. But that doesn’t make the conference a paid event. You don’t have to pay anything to attend this virtual conference. Yes, you heard it right, Blastoff! is absolutely free to attend. 

4. Original and Insightful Content 

Blastoff! is not a recorded replay of the speaker’s presentation. We host original and new content that gives you pure value out of it. So your time is worth it for sure. 

How to Attend the Conference? 

Well, Blastoff! is a free virtual conference dedicated to the people in the product-led industry. You don’t have to specifically register for the event, you just need to be a member of our ProductLed.Marketing community. We will open a separate section in the community dedicated to the event on October 20, 2021. 

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