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Elise Bentley From Tiny Talks About What Does PLG Mean for Tiny and How Did They Nail Product-Led Marketing

Akhil G
August 23, 2022

Elise Bentley, VP of Marketing at Tiny is an incredible marketing leader with experience across a range of industries and organization sizes. She published three books that are dedicated to marketing and business growth and she became the VP of Marketing in less than 10 years. We got a chance to chat with her recently for ‘The Product-Led Marketing Show.’ 

Tiny’s product TinyMCE is a well-known rich text editor solution which fuels the great content creation experiences on the internet. Their WYSIWYG editor is very popular, and loved by millions of developers worldwide. In this episode, Elise talks about what PLG means for her team and how they nailed product-led marketing in a developer-focused market. 

Key Takeaways 

What Does Product-Led Growth Mean to Elise and Tiny Team

We had internal discussions for defining product-led growth for us and we settled on the idea that product-led growth is just marketing done really really well. For successful marketing, it’s always essential to highlight the product more. In product-led companies, marketers do that better than non-PLG companies. So for me, product-led growth is just marketers running better marketing by highlighting the product more.

How Did They Nail Product-Led Marketing

We’re in a unique position where so many people access our product externally such as through direct downloads, npm, and other developer sources. So we won’t be able to properly track user activities and product analytics like other typical product-led companies. 

Since we don’t know exactly who is downloading our product, we work closely with our product team to build trigger items inside the base product to enable upselling opportunities. We do experiments based on the performance of those triggers to better optimize and refine them and thereby improve our pipeline growth. 

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