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Meet the Speakers - Blastoff! A Product-led Growth Conference

Akhil G
October 7, 2021

Woohoo! We are just a few weeks away from the most awaited product-led growth conference Blastoff! which is happening at ProductLed.Marketing community on October 20!

You must be really excited to know who all will be speaking at the conference. So here is the complete list of speakers who are going to deliver their best presentations for the product-led growth world. 

As you noticed, we have some of the top brands in PLG represented - like MURAL and Hootsuite, top vendors speaking like Amplitude and Heap, and some special sessions from Michelle Ngome, Megan Heuer from Winning by Design, and Kyle Poyar from OpenView.

Excited? Yes, we are also thrilled to host this wonderful conference on product-led growth. These experts and industry thought leaders will be ready with their genius ideas and stories to inspire you to achieve success with the PLG business model. 

How to Attend the Conference? 

Well, Blastoff! is a free virtual conference dedicated to the people in the product-led industry. You don’t have to specifically register for the event, you just need to be a member of our ProductLed.Marketing community. We will open a separate section in the community dedicated to the event on October 20, 2021. 

ProductLed.Marketing Community

If you are still not a member of the ProductLed.Marketing community, make sure to join it right away. It is a free marketing community focused on those who work on product-led businesses. 

You will find a lot of conversations and posts in the community every day, and it will provide you with new ideas, growth strategies, and guidance for product-led growth. Also, you can post your wins, ask for help, share an idea, or just network with the experts. 

We will host many more virtual and in-person events in the future, and you will find a lot of value from the community for sure. 

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