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Announcing and Redshift Integration to Enable Data Warehouse Powered Marketing Automation

Dave Rigotti
August 17, 2022

Marketing no longer only supports the sales-led motion with campaigns based on CRM data. Marketing is moving into the product now more than ever. There’s a new key source of data in town - the data warehouse.

This shift came naturally when the entry barrier into the product came down and made the top of the funnels extra wide in the product-led era. Though GTM teams still use CRM tools, data warehouses like Amazon Redshift are increasingly adapted to store and manage the exploding data volumes of users as well as product activity.

The product-led GTM motion also brought in changes to the charter of marketing.

Marketing is now tasked with user orchestration to build product advocates, add to existing revenue streams by driving self-serve revenue, and run CSM supporting campaigns on top of generating more pipeline for sales. And, all this is possible when marketing campaigns are fueled by relevant product and CRM data.

We are excited to announce Redshift integration with Inflection, to supercharge marketing teams in product-led growth companies with data from the data warehouse, such as relevant product activity events that drive amazing campaigns.

You probably are asking right now, ‘Why does this matter’?

Before we answer that question, you need to know a little bit about what Inflection does.

About Inflection

Inflection is the only purpose-built marketing automation solution for product-led growth companies. We unify person, account, and product data to show you a single view of your customer.

Inflection is built on modern back-end infrastructure that can support up to 100 million users and billions of product events. This kind of volume is unique to PLG businesses. Legacy marketing automation tools are neither built to scale up to exploding volumes of users nor support product activity events for marketing campaigns.

This is exactly why we built Inflection. To solve the issues faced by marketing teams in PLG. Here are some marketing campaigns you can automate with Inflection:

Notice how your customer communication can be better and rich with context with the mix of Product and CRM data?

Coming back to the question…

Why Are We Excited About Inflection and Redshift Integration?

With Inflection,

  • your Redshift data warehouse can become a source of truth that powers all your marketing campaigns. Inflection unifies person and account information with the product data that shows you a new identity profile.
  • you can build no-code custom personalization for communicating with customers in a 1:many way that feels very 1:1. Our Excel-style custom token editor does not need you to write SQL or depend on Engineering to script tokens. If you are familiar with Excel functions, then you already know how to use Inflection’s token editor.
  • you don’t have to worry about deleting contacts to stay under a limit imposed by your marketing vendors. Unlike legacy marketing automation, Inflection supports up to 100 million contact records and billions of product activity events and most importantly….
  • you only pay for the customers or users that you actually market to. Our pricing tiers are very PLG-friendly and we charge marketing teams for monthly marketed contacts (MMC) as opposed to how Marketo or Hubspot charges for the entire contact list
"Marketing is increasingly moving into the product and launching campaigns based on product activity data. We are proud to announce Inflection’s integration with Redshift to support marketing teams in PLG leverage the data they have to help customers and power more growth."

- Dave Rigotti  

How Does It Work?

Setting up the integration between Inflection and Redshift can be done in a few clicks. Why tell, when I can show you?


You can operate off of your existing data schema with an understanding of accounts, organizations, and workspaces.

You can control the sync intervals, see connection reporting or sync details, understand issues, etc. You can also edit, review, and revoke access without requiring support from Inflection. In summary, you are in total control of your data sync frequency.

If you are in marketing in a PLG company using Redshift for your data warehouse needs, Inflection is the marketing automation solution for you. Request a demo to know more.

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