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Announcing And Salesforce Integration: Unleashing New Capabilities For Product-led Growth

Dave Rigotti
December 7, 2022

Inflection is excited to announce the general availability of our Salesforce integration.

Combined with our previous announcements for integrations into data warehouses such as Snowflake, Redshift, and product activity such as Segment, you can now align your cross-functional teams to drive more revenue, usage, and faster onboarding with user and account-based automation empowered by product and sales data. This is part 1 of our integration, and we can’t wait to announce when Inflection is pushing data into Salesforce.

Having full fidelity of product and CRM data together is critical for three reasons:

  1. Each account is different, and their onboarding should be too. Having both sets of data  enables our customers to move past a one-size-fits-all approach and to tailored onboarding experiences that convert users at a higher rate, more quickly, generating more usage and PQLs.
  1. Product onboarding and communications can now be “sales aware”.  Meaning, having an understanding of how the sales team is interacting with the customer. Don’t want to send out the automatic renewal message with the pricing for open opportunities? No problem.
  1. No longer do sales and success teams need to take such a heavy-handed manual approach as before. Now, with Inflection’s personalization capabilities, product emails can come from the CSM or even include the Calendly link. Personalization for the win.

Unlocking More Product-led Growth

Speaking of personalization, with Inflection and Salesforce integration, you get to see the user activity at an individual, workspace, and account level.

Let’s say Frank is a long term WHTBoard user with the Product team and introduced the Design team to the digital whiteboard product. Now Frank has two profiles (one for each team) on WHTBoard with the same email address.

With Inflection, you can see Frank’s activity and user role (admin, individual contributor, etc.) in each of these workspaces and also as a whole account so you can pitch an enterprise plan that is beneficial to Frank’s company.

Inflection has built what Marketo should have. This is an exciting day for PLG companies. - Aaron Bird, Inflection.  

Unlimited Use Cases

With our direct Salesforce integration, you can do much more to drive sustainable growth.

  • View all customer records or only a select few contacts along with their product activity data (via data warehouse or CDP) in one place. Having a panoramic view helps you understand the customer lifecycle better.
  • Unlock more self-serve revenue.
    For example, automate an email campaign for users who reached the product usage limit and encourage them to upgrade.
  • Drive more pipeline for Sales.
    For example, set up an internal alert to notify your BDR of a product qualified lead or account (PQL / PQA).
  • Support CSM to expand and upsell.
    For example, send a newsletter curated for ‘admin’ user accounts with a summary of product usage by their teams. Reminding about the value realized through your product makes an upgrade conversation effortless for the CSM.

These are only a few use cases of Inflection and Salesforce integration. Customers can also launch personalized onboarding campaigns mapped to the user role (admin, executive, individual user), create sticky users, drive demo requests, offer limited-time, exclusive and customized offers to select customers, and much more.

DIY Integration and Operation

Setting up the Inflection and Salesforce integration just needs a few clicks.

  1. Set up a new connection and give it a name.
  1. Log in to your Salesforce account when prompted.
  2. Edit and save the sync settings and you are ready to go.

Inflection seamlessly updates records of your contacts from Salesforce to run campaigns. With this integration, you have a lot of flexibility to decide the data you need in Inflection.

  • Complete or Selective Sync: Millions of contacts or a select few can be synced at a frequency calculated based on API calls allotted.
  • Sync Health: The sync history and sync health screen gives you visibility to the API calls consumed, sync interval, and errors if any!
  • Complete Control of Sync and Re-Sync: Pause, disconnect, and manually restart the sync whenever needed, with a click of a button.
  • Re-map contact records: The cherry on top is, you get to de-duplicate multiple Salesforce entries with the same email address.

    1. While syncing the data to Inflection, you can choose or retain the most recently updated contact record among the multiple entries.

    2. If you change your mind later and want to map a different record (of the same lead), you can undo and re-map as required.

We built Inflection to combine the best of PLG and marketing automation to help you accelerate product usage and boost your Net Revenue Retention (NRR). And, we believe this new integration with Salesforce will unlock the next level of growth for modern PLG companies.

To see Inflection in action, request a demo.

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